Madasgascar Giving It All Away

Mark Ravalomanana, to quote the kids these days, is on some shit. It seems the President of Madagascar has initiated a deal that gives half of Madagascar’s arable land (2.5M hectares) to a South Korean company on a 99-year lease. The lease, according to various reports will NOT have a price tag. Korean firm Daewoo Logistics will plant corn and other crops in 1.3M hectares of unused land for development of an export crop valued at $2M per year. The Madagascar government, according to reports, will receive nothing beyond a promise for jobs.

Surely this is more propaganda from the West which stands to lose significant revenues from the Korean market for corn.  You know when the British are referring to a deal as “colonial” there are problems – for them, their permanent ally (the U.S.) or their former subjects.

If these reports are true, it’s time for a coup in Madagascar. If the President has lost his mind to this degree, he needs to be wearing cement shoes and to be induced to take a long walk into the Indian Ocean.



  1. Dood,

    My discretely though clearly expressed concerns are a matter of public record. Besides which, he’s geographically proximate to you – AND – these fool country hoogies in the show me gave our electoral votes to that other fella.

    Anyway, now that Hellury will officially be taking the reigns at Foggy Bottom – I’m curious to know whether you’ll be resurrecting your researches where you left off?

  2. It looks like the junta, not the president has done this. The prez has been under house arrest since august:

    Deposed Mauritanian president taken from his home

    By AHMED MOHAMED AND RUKMINI CALLIMACHI, Associated Press Writer – 7 mins ago
    NOUAKCHOTT, Mauritania – Security forces early Sunday forcibly removed Mauritania’s recently deposed president from the village where he had been under house arrest, his daughter said.
    A police official confirmed that police were given orders to take ousted President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi into custody and drive him to his home in the African country’s capital, Nouakchott, where he will be freed. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak the press.
    A military junta deposed Abdallahi in a coup Aug. 6 and placed him under house arrest. Both the United States and France canceled aid to African country, demanding Abdallahi’s release. The U.S. has also placed a travel ban on the leaders of the junta.

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