Consequences of Empire

Have you ever heard folks bitch, moan and wail (BMW) about “hyphenated-Americans”?  Usually the bitcher, moaner and wailer hails from an ethnic group which no longer uses a hyphen because they’ve been subsumed into a  fictional “racial” classification called “white.”  In many instances, these people are not True Whites…they’re honorary whites who have only been welcomed into the fold over the past two centuries.

Southern and Central Europeans have often been considered to “dark” to be charter members.  The privilege of charter membership has been reserved (at least prior to the late 1800s) for Normans (who didn’t need to be deemed “white” because of their military success over the Angles, Saxons and Jutes of England), Angles and Saxons, Jutes, and Scandinavian types.  True Whites, according to the lore, have blond hair, “fair” skin (does that mean fair as in “fair to middling”), thin and wavy hair, thin lips and a host of other biological features which tend not to characterize so many new honorary whites.

In America today, it seems that many of the newbies have forgotten the arduous process by which they came to be included.  They forgotten that they’re not True Whites.  Perhaps it has been the prescence of so-called Blacks, Browns, Yellows and Reds which has contributed most to this amnesia.  At bottom, it may be a fear of losing honorary white status that sits at the bottom of their fear of Balkanization. If the Empire shatters into a thousand tiny pieces of ethnicity, what are the consequences for me and my kind?

What loss of status will I be subjected to for want of privileged biological features?  Can I make it with silicone and a bottle of bleach?

In this Empire, everyone stands to lose as “identity” becomes fractured.  Consider the non-hyphenated, non-White persons who choose (through wearing label pins with flags and such) to identify primary and principally with the Empire and the victors.  Under Balkanization, the spoils may not always go to the victors.  Concessions won through hard fought genocide and kidnapping cum enslavement could continue to be wrangled away by such nagging practices as coalition politics, protesting and voting.

Under this scenario, you’re going to need much more than silicone and a bottle of bleach.  You’re going to need to be a “Roman” citizen and a barbarian at the gate — at the same time.


  1. Most Native British people have Brown to Dark Brown hair, and about 34% have brown eyes. So a significant proprtion of indigenous british people wouldnt classify as white. Central Europeans are only slightly darker than Brits (ignoring germans).

  2. The whole thing is simply hilarious. Eventually, I may dig deeper on this to get to the root of the True Negro Theory — and exactly why that True Negro is not called the True African…but that’s for another time.

  3. Temple, Do you subscribe to Diop’s theory of the transmutation that brings about the white race? If not do you have another theory for the origin of the white race?

  4. Temple, Cheikh Anta Diop a Senegalise brotha with a Ph.D in Chemistry, put forth the theory that Blacks mirgrated from the cradel (east africa) to the upper reaches of the northern hemisphere by way of the Isthmus of Suez (Gibraltar), and once there went through a physical change to adapt to the inclement conditions. Diop suggest that this occured towards the end of last ice ages a period know as the wurmian glaciation.

    Basically, reduced levels of melanin were needed in the colder climates. So you get the pale skin, the nostril narrowed to allow for a warming of the air intake. Diop sums everything up by saying that race is simply a matter of climate.

  5. Thanks, bruh. I know who you’re talking about. I just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same theory. Diop went further and asserted that those Africans were the Grimaldis of antiquity and the founders of the first civilizations in Europe.

    That theory didn’t originate with Diop though. I can’t say who originally put in down, but it wasn’t him. He’s done a TON of original work, but this is derivative.

  6. According to Diop the Grimaldis are the bridge between the homosapiens and the cro-magnon. Cro-magnon are european but the offspring of African Grimaldis. Whites are Black albinos without the spiritual connection, imo.

    Diop’s work in this arena may not have been original, but it’s through him that me and some other brothers come to learn this stuff.

  7. I had written a rather lengthy response to you concerning this spiritual question. It had to do with the violent overthrow of paganism and female deities in Europe. The history of spirituality (through non-patriarchal religions) in Europe has been kept on the QT for centuries. You can imagine that if Christians felt the need to cut the phallus’ off of Kemetic sculptures, that group would also have a fairly large problem with what they derisively referred to as cults.

    But what are you other than a “cult member” when you’re being fed to lions, deriving pleasure from flagellation and asceticism? Whips and martyrs…what fun!!

  8. Temple, The female deities that the europeans had in the past, are africian in orgin and this information is locked away in the basement of various european museaums. If there are other deities such as wickans or other, let me know.

    The spirituality I was speaking of was not an earthly thing. It’s not the relationship between and individual or a group and an established deity. It’s more a spontaneous energy that is contagious, whose source is non-earthly. Ever see a south africian funeral procession (during aparthied) when 10 thousand people would be rocking to the same rhythm and everyone is on key with the chanting? That’s the spirituality that we possess as individuals and as a group. You see it in our music, art and other expressions.

    To answer one of your earlier questions. No, not familiar with the two cradle theory.

  9. Imhotep:

    Diop’s “Two Cradle Theory” simply asserts that the creative bases for African and European civilizations evolved in two different regions — and that there are implications for this regional difference.

    Characteristics of what has been called “The European Model” are individualism, economic scarcity, pessimism in religion (original sin), idealization of war, competition, materialism, analysis and segregation, accumulation, etc.

    Certainly the history of Europe is more nuanced, but this captures a great deal of it.

    The African model is generally described as the opposite of the European. The emphases are on the collective, optimism in religion (perfectability of ‘man’), etc. Of course this is not a universal nor is it Biological Determinism. It is not quite Environmental Determinism, but the theory suggests we are shaped by our environment. Given the topographical diversity of African civilizations ranging from Kemet to Nubia to Monomotapa to Axum to Segu to Mali to Songhay to Ghana to Benin to the Almoravids and others, it would be very difficult to assert a common thread.

    Thanks for clarifying your perspective on this.

    I agree that most, if not all, of those deities were drived from Africa. That was certainly the case among the Greeks (and by extension the Romans, etc.). Merlin Stone has a great book on this topic – even though she does not assert the African-ness of the Goddess. “When God Was a Woman” is an interesting read – if you haven’t already been there and done that.

    Your definition of spirituality is compelling. The melding of the collective within a shared experience in order to transcend our plane of consciousness is at the root. We could back and forth for days on this one. I would argue that the European approach to transcendence has been mostly an individual pursuit – at least to the viewing public.

    At the level of collective ecstasy, consider the Western proclivity to orgies, rock n’ roll/punk concerts, raves, large sporting events, and other such activities designed to stimulate the spirit in a BASE manner — rather than what you referenced. The revival meetings of Christian fundamentalists don’t seem to have the same pull — but that’s where you’d have to look.

    Do the Promise Keepers count?

  10. Temple, I’m agnostic and anything that’s written and proported to be the word of “God” then I’ve a problem with that written document.

    Don’t know much about promise keepers, but I believe that Promise keepers is a christian based organization, and will therefore pull its tenets from the bible, so dogma becomes a driving force. So no, promise keepers don’t count.

    OTHO, I’m not trying to diminish what PK are trying to do. Not everyone is at the same place in our respective spiritual journey, so for some promise keepers is where they need to be. For others, they will get their source directly from god and not from the bible.

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