Et tu, Hillary

“Two for the price of one is simply too damned expensive. I’ll take the zero.” – hypothetical Barack Obama statement to the prospect of a regime in exile and a regime in waiting.
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US elections: Obama snubs Clinton with job for former staffer
Hillary Clinton’s camp was seething yesterday over what it sees as a snub by Barack Obama in appointing a former staffer with whom she has fallen out to a key post in his campaign team.
Obama, announcing on Monday his enlarged campaign team for the November 4 presidential election, appointed Patti Solis Doyle, Clinton’s former campaign manager, as chief of staff for the vice-presidential candidate. Clinton, having failed to win the Democratic presidential nomination, has been pushing to become vice-presidential candidate but Obama is reluctant to make the offer.
Clinton has been estranged from Solis Doyle since she sacked her earlier this year, blaming her for mismanaging funding and for ignoring the caucuses that gave Obama a lead that proved to be decisive.
Obama’s public position is that no one has been ruled out in the search
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