1. Thanks Modi and Miranda.

    The sleep deprivation thing hasn’t been so bad. In fact, they’ve been on a regular routine (with some natural bumps along the road) for months. Dinner, book-play, bath, bottle, bed. 7:00 p.m. it’s a wrap. Usually, they sleep through the night without a hitch.

    Now in the beginning – it was brutal. They were feeding every two hours and even if they weren’t we had to be on call at a whimper. Seems like a long time ago!

  2. You got them sleeping through the night? When did you bang that out? My son, who made 1 in May, sleeps through the night some nights, but then other nights he inexplicable wakes up in the middle of the night.

    Anyway, congrats, fatherhood is an amazing thing.

  3. Thanks. It is amazing.

    With the sleep thing, they have periods of light REM sleep between 9 and 13 months. It also coincides with teeth coming in and learning motor skills. Two weeks ago, my son was very wobbly while walking and also had difficulty getting down in his crib – he was waking up at night and crying like a mad man (or a Fox News Anchor). A week later, his walking dramatically improved and his movement up and down in the crib became a game for him. He was back to sleeping regularly after about four days.

    He had the same issue with teeth coming in. I think my daughter may be more stoic about that. She had a bunch of teeth come in at the same time and we never heard a peep.

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