1. Nice photo. How can you lose when you have the Immaculate Reception and the Bus on our team, and Sen. Casey supplying support. Does anyone symbolize Pennsylvania more than Bettis? A blue collar guy, bowler, and catholic school. Chit, where is Rocky Blier when you need him?

  2. Yeah…I was trying to be cool about it – but damn…this is a great picture. For a lifelong Steelers fan, it doesn’t get much better than this.

  3. OMG…….its no telling what the Clinton Campaign might pull if PA is a bust (and I mean she gets the majority – and not a 20 point majority – but a 4 or 5, which is what I predict) – Denver will be completely off the chain.

  4. Well Miranda – that was supposed to be the case in Ohio and Texas. Shrillary had huge leads in the months before the elections – as high as 20 points in several polls. She barely won in both states and lost the overall delegate race for the night.

    Then her camp colluded with the Canadian press/government to bury the story about HER call to let the Canadians know she was just bullshitting the people in Ohio about NAFTA. The MSM actually reported erroneously that OBAMA’s camp contacted the Canadians. Those dumb bastards in Ohio actually voted FOR the candidate who endorsed NAFTA – the policy they blame for the loss of jobs.

    She and her husband could benefit greatly from a kick and tumble down a long, long, long flight of stairs – kind of like the stairwell that the Fruit of Islam tossed the NYPD down after they tried to make a show of force following Rudy Giuliani’s ascent to the office of Mayor.

  5. Thanks, Miranda. This is the first I’ve seen or heard of this. I find that if a person is unaware of the Clinton’s serial duplicity by now, they’re not likely to EVER understand it. It has no limits.

  6. For the real deal on Obama, read Glen Ford and Bruce Dixon’s blistering critique of Obama’s post-racial platform and neo-liberal ideology.

  7. Thanks for the link. I’ll read through what I can when I get a chance. My position on candidate BHO is largely unchanged since the beginning of his campaign – and it’s based on a few simple factors:

    1) Why?
    2) How?
    3) Really?

    In other words, why does he want this office if his goal is to improve the lot of Black folks?

    How is that possible given that the Presidency has been a figurehead position since at least the time of FDR?

    “Really?” – My reaction once someone eventually answers the second question.

    As it stands, I have a deep and abiding opposition to all things Clinton. Check the page on The Clinton Plan for Africa (plus Part VI of the series). McCain is not an option. I don’t vote for devil’s with or without disguises. Candidate BHO is the only option – and he raises fundamental questions.

    Either this is the greatest Spook Who Sat By the Door move in the history of the world OR it’s not. If it’s not, woe unto the true believers who fall prey to an arch deceiver. If it is, whoopee and let’s get to work. The only way to know fer sure is to get in his face and see if he blinks.

    Finally – with all that said…his candidacy is SUPER IMPORTANT because there is no way to calculate the psychological benefits of his stepping out there for young folks who are not yet sophisticated enough to understand the larger game. They simply see his face and will be inspired for a long time.

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