Chronicles of Impotence – Declining Power and White Supremacist Angst

An international perspective on the end of the end of the end:

The struggle for control of the White House in 2009 is a perfect analogy for the current state of the West. On the one side you have John McCain, an old Pale Male scarred by the many (moral) struggles the West has fought over the past two and a half millennia, and on the other side you have the (demographically) upcoming ‘Other’…. slugging it out to determine who will own the future. All promise Hope, but can they deliver? In short; will Rome still be Rome when Romans no longer rule?

Sad but true, Hillary Clinton, is just another anachronistic First Wave feminist whose sole aim is ultimate power, and Osama Barack is a completely inexperienced Afro-American, whose sole promise (Hope) is based on a myth (the Noble Savage). That the latter (a male) has based his campaign on his ‘blackness’ and not his ‘whiteness’, is clearly indicative of the continuing criminalization of the Pale Male. That this, in itself, is racist goes without saying, for to choose his ‘blackness’ over his ‘whiteness’ (he is half-black and half-white, not just half-black) is blatantly prejudiced. But then, who can blame him; the ‘Science’ of Victimology is still having a whale of a time ever since Freud and Marx invented the Eternal Victim (of trauma and capitalist exploitation, read alienation). Even Doris Lessing, the 2007 Literature Nobel Prize winner, has jumped on the Victimology bandwagon by stating that Obama will be assassinated if he became President. Assassinated by whom? By some Pale Male of course….those ‘evil’ creatures who stole humanity’s innocence by ‘traumatizing’ women and children (in the nuclear family), alienating ‘poor’ workers through capitalist exploitation, destroying the natural environment through science and raping the eternal beauty of the Noble Savage through self-serving racism.

It is truly over.  The tipping point has been passed.  All that’s left is acrimonious name calling, sarcastic confessions to criminality and crying in your beer.  Woe is “we.”  Woe is “we.”


  1. A false-choice dilemma of the worst kind – your government’s leaders. So many are blinded to the fact that these men and woman are controlled by powerful dark forces and they have little independent discretion. The MSM propaganda machine has dutifully suppressed information and news that could awaken many, but we are beyond that point now.

  2. The false-choice dilemma has been in FULL EFFECT for no less than 7 decades. Some would argue it’s been like this since before the Civil War. If folks are just waking up to this now, they’ll never catch that horse – and there’s simply no point in closing the barn door. You’re better off waiting for a stray horse.

  3. I agree that many white males are experiencing a terminal crisis of confidence. But I completely disagree with making all the candidates morally equivalent. If you go to my blog, I have explicitly outlined some of Obama’s shortcomings. But when Clinton threw out the commander-in-chief reference that was a euphemism for willingness to go to war with Iraq. It was political haiku that could be interpreted coherently in only one fashion.

    On the subject of foreign policy, Clinton has placed herself in the same category with McCain and neoconservatives. Obama was criticized as juvenile and negligent but he remained consistent, unlike Clinton who began as hawkish and slowly turned dovish until she mounted her last ditch efforts to disrupt Obama’s ascendancy. Calls at 3AM, doubts about Obama’s Muslim ancestry, crossing the commander-in-chief threshold are indicators for mounting a future campaign against Iran.

    I’m an ER doc and I can tell you that there is a real distinction between pericarditis, unstable angina, and a heart attack. That is what we have with this election. And since the post-Civil War era starting with William Jennings Bryan, popular domestic progressives have always included the baggage of racism and ethnocentrism. Even John Edwards who made poverty a central focus of his campaign said that he was the most credible Democratic challenger because he is a white male. Presumably, sexist and racist white men in the heartland and south would prefer Edwards over a Hillary or Barack.

    If nothing else, Obama has broadly embraced all Americans and run a fifty state campaign unlike candidates in the modern era. By refusing to divide the electorate, Obama has given progressives a blueprint for action. He doesn’t run as an advocate for an interest group based race, class, gender, or religion. He doesn’t promise a hook-up. He just says we can be transparent and more fair. Even the slogan, ‘yes we can’ is universal in it’s reach unlike the image of America as a shining city on the hill. On foreign policy issues ranging from Iraq to Iran to Cuba, Obama is different from his fellow challengers. Not perfect but different. To say otherwise is dishonest. And as an ER doctor I sometimes I have to perform lifesaving interventions with suboptimal tools. But it would be malpractice for me to walk away or not use what’s available with the excuse that the implement at hand wasn’t ideal.

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