Craig Mazin’s Black Castration Fantasy

Why does this man want to separate Black men from their reproductive and sexual capacity?  And why is he so happy?


Craig Mazin, a Jewish American born in Brooklyn, New York is a Hollywood movie director.  He is also a psychology major with a degree from Princeton.  He is a smart young man who capitalizes on appeals to stupidity.  His revenue is derived from trafficking in stereotypes and caricatures within a satirical framework.  There are no accidents here.

Craig Mazin (born April 8, 1971) is an American screenwriter and director. He was born in 1971 in Brooklyn, New York, and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in psychology from Princeton University in 1992. He began his entertainment career in marketing; he was an executive with the Walt Disney Company in the mid-90s, responsible for writing and producing campaigns for studio films.

As a screenwriter, his credited work includes Senseless, RocketMan, Scary Movie 3, and Scary Movie 4. Other projects in development include the upcoming movie Opus, an animated collaboration with cartoonist Berkeley Breathed. He has worked almost exclusively for Dimension Films and Miramax Films since 2000.

He produced and directed (but did not write) the low-budget superhero film The Specials. Mazin is currently working on writing and directing another superhero film spoof Superhero Movie.

In 2004, Mazin was elected to the board of directors of the Writers Guild of America, west. He did not seek re-election, and his term expired in September 2006.

Along with fellow former WGA board member Ted Elliott, Mazin runs a website called The Artful Writer, which focuses on issues relevant to working screenwriters.

At the :51 mark.

Mr. Mazin may need a lobotomy to get over this deep-seated fascination.  The phallic and reproductive insecurity of so-called “whites” is ever on display.  It’s time for some natural male enhancement.


  1. So, basically, what you’re saying is that white people getting hurt in any variety of ways means nothing, counts for nothing, and can be ignored entirely, but when a black man gets attacked in precisely the same over-the-top Hollywood comical violence sort of way, suddenly it’s about race, and the director suddenly becomes a racist?

  2. I didn’t mention “white people.” I didn’t say it “means nothing.” Those are your words. What do you think it means? The question on the table is about castration. I’m not sure if you’re new to the country or even writing from the US, but castration and race have been conflated for centuries.

    Are any of the “whites” in this “over-the-top Hollywood comical violence” castrated? Can you find examples of “white” male castration in popular culture? I could post hundreds of similar examples with Black men if I chose. I don’t the time or the inclination.

    Feel free to take up the challenge of finding examples of “white male castration” in the popular culture. Cultural imagery and concepts are deep-seated. These things don’t operate top of mind. That’s why they show up in farcical films like this. No one is going to say, “I’ll cut your dick off!” They used to…

    So, what happens to the desire to separate Black penises from bodies when the capacity to physically do this no longer exists? It’s a big part of American history – you should ask yourself why you don’t know any of this – why it never came up in a Psych 101 class. If you want to go deeper on this, let me know. This isn’t some simple formulation and there’s a ton of writing on this which can inform your/our perspectives on this. Let me know.

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  4. It kind of feels like a bit of a nonsense – dialectically it lacks resonance in the real world. I do accept that culturally it is valid, but I suspect that the cultural perspective reached its zenith in the late 40’s and has been retreating steadily since.

  5. Dear friend,


    Please correct the spelling of the name Craig Mazin on your blogpage. (You have published Craig Malkin, who is a different persson altogether. Google picked up the title of your blog entry – Craig Malkin – Why does this man want to separate Black men from their reproductive and sexual capacity? And why is he so happy?)

    Even though your post is from last year, the confusion remains.

  6. Thank you for the swift correction. I wonder how to remove the reference from Google search?

    Many thanks,

  7. Tried to get the content of the google search deleted:

    Why does this man want to separate Black men from their reproductive and sexual capacity? And why is he so happy? Craig Mazin, a Jewish American born in … – Similar pages –

    Somehow the tag is still associated. Google replies that the “content is on an active webpage” which I know you have deleted.

    Would you check again, to make certain that all Malkin references are deleted?


  8. At this point, it’s a propagation issue. The changes have to work their way through the web in order for it to take effect. Another day or two and it should shake out. It appears to be working. With Google, if you type in “Craig Malkin,” my post won’t show up until about the 40th result and it’s a cached page. If you click on the search, only the first name is highlighted. So, the search is pulling the first name, not the second name. Since the spellings are so close, it would normally do that anyway after pulling about 40 results.

  9. So, Temple, I guess you didn’t notice the scene in the trailer where Leslie Neilsen can’t talk because Josh Drake is kneeling on his crotch? Or, if you did, you believe symbols of white male castration are OK? Keep trying.

  10. If you have the equipment in question, I am sure you would be able to appreciate the difference between a knee and a nail gun. If you don’t have it, don’t use it or don’t even miss it, then I see your point…sort of. Otherwise, I think you’re, um, nuts.

  11. Nice try. Yes, I’m a man, I have testicles, and I’ve never been shot in them with a nail gun. I have taken a knee to the groin and it’s very painful, painful enough to make me not care if it was a knee or a nail gun. How about you? Do you have the equipment? Do you understand symbolism?

  12. If you’re having trouble unpacking the symbolism of getting shot with a nail gun (which could injure or permanently damage phallus and testes) with the relatively benign image of an inappropriate kneel, sans momentum, to the stuff, there are bigger issues here. You should survey your peeps and see which they prefer. Good luck with that.

  13. Wow, kind of a stretch there right? Don’t worry everybody. I’m black and we do not all think like this. There are secret weekly meetings though, and this topic has come up, but we haven’t agreed completely on how we feel. And another myth as well, not all Black Men have large penis’s. I and most of my black friends have average to small dicks. They say it’s usually the black guys with small ones and closet case issues who write about articles & topics such as what’s on this page, but I know the author of this article isn’t that way, right?…. right?

  14. I was curious if you ever considered changing the page layout
    of your blog? Its very well written; I lovge what
    youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better.
    Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or 2 images.
    Maybe you could space iit out better?

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