Race Baiters Crack Clinton Campaign Wide Open

Mark Penn: “Time to go full blast!”


Hillary: “Not a problem. We’ll need to use a white woman who is even older than I am.  When they respond, it’ll look like piling on.”

There is no need to dissect this ahistorical, decontextualized rant. It is what it is. It’s intended for that “white” ethnic audience in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Hillary Clinton’s failure to plan has led to this unseemly desperation. Ferraro has never been more meaningful than tonite…not in 1984 – and certainly not before that. She was never a major political figure in New York State or on the national stage. Tonite is her night. Tonite, she becomes an essentialist shill – she uses her breasts and vagina as a proxy for authenticity – and as a hopeful conduit for “pure whites” to vote their perceived “racial interest.”

Old, marginal, bottle blond and bitter. Hillary, I see your future. Bill saw it two decades ago and that explains quite a bit.


  1. Expect birth of a nation re-runs in the alabama section of pennsylvania. I’m not surprised by the clintons, but I’m puzzled by maggie williams and Tubbs-Jones of Ohio, co-signing on these attacks.

  2. What’s puzzling about Williams and Tubbs-Jones? Both are still largely obscure figures, but would be significantly poorer and more obscure if not for hitching their wagons to Camp Clinton. It’s not as if BHO is running an explicitly BLACK campaign that would engender commitments based on a viable partisan agenda. I understand why they do what they do. I certainly don’t agree – but I understand.

    And you’re right about PA. It’s going to be a fairly predictable outcome. It’s just a big rural state with small pockets of urbania at the edges.

    Mizzo- I agree that this is probably just part of a larger initiative to “racialize” the campaign. I believe that white Democrats who align themselves with Clinton will view this strategy as essential to getting the nomination if Black candidates are in the field for POTUS. Clinton and Penn are framing a strategy whose eventual outcome will likely be to eliminate the capacity of Black Democrats to win the nomination. In the future, white Dems will be SURE to inject “race” into the campaign much, much earlier. If they don’t, they’ll be hard pressed to win and will be susceptible to BHO’s brilliant drafting strategy.

  3. T3 – What is the story about Margaret Ann Williams? The sister is from Kansas City, Missouri and hooked up with Hillary when Hillary was on the board of the Children’s Defense Fund and Williams was the communications director there. Williams became Hillary’s chief of staff when Br. Bill was elected president. She left 5 or 6 years later when she was more than $350,000 in debt due to the legal expenses she racked up during the Whitewater/Vincent Foster investigations. Why has this sister allowed herself to be yoked to a campaign that has played to racial fears or does she not believe that the campaign has done so? Puzzling behavior. I thought the sister had more consciousness than this.

  4. “Sister” is as “sister” do.

    Who can say what the full story is here. She may have been a true believer rather than a true perceiver of the arch deceiver. He fooled the dog shit out of Toni Morrison and Arsenio Hall and Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee and Charles Rangel and a former business partner. The line of persons duped by Slick Willie and Wife is nearly endless.

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