The Mission of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

“With a focus on Leadership Education, Public Health, and Economic Development, CBCF is the premier organization that creates, identifies, analyzes and disseminates policy-oriented information critical to advancing African Americans and people of African descent towards equity in economics, health and education.”



  1. Temple, The why that yous ask, is your suggestion that the audience is not receptive? or that there are forces that impede implementation?

    At times like this I wonder about their usefulness, I would say a good third of the membership is campaigning for Hillary. This inspite of the desires of their constituents.

    In the end, these brothers and sisters are political hacks, who at one time may have been concerned, but have now lost focus. They now pimp the community. If they had any pull we would have seen some progress in New Orleans.

  2. Actually, there is no such thing as equity (with respect to groups) in the areas of economics, health and education. Isn’t the entire proposition here absurd? Sure many of these persons are hacks – but the broader issue and the importance of Obama’s campaign is that maybe some of these smart brothers and sisters on the outside have missed an opportunity to storm the gates. It’s not too late…a huge window may be staring competent folks right in the face – especially if they live in the Midwest.

  3. Temple, I don’t see a hugh window opening, maybe a slight crack, but no hugh opening. And it’s mainly for the reasons that you cited, the inequities that exist in the areas of economics, health and education. I see these inequitious situations being perpetuated in order to maintain the status quo and serve white supremacy, therefore the window will almost never be open.

    I agree with you there is a missed opportunity to storm the gates. But there is always the opportunity to storm the gates given the continued existance of the inequities that you mentioned.

    You see an opening for the brothers in the midwest, but not the south. Why are you not as hopeful for the brothers /sisters in the south?

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