Former NYPD Police Officer Injects Clemens with Steroids

It will be quite some time before ESPN admits that a former police officer asserted that he personally injected Roger Clemens in the butt with steroids. Brian McNamee is being referred to as “the trainer.” He is no more “the trainer” than he is “The Cop.” And what should carry more weight in this scenario? Safe yourself some time. Download the PDF, use the search function and see for yourself.From the Mitchell Report:

Toward the end of the road trip which included the Marlins series, or shortly after the Blue Jays returned home to Toronto, Clemens approached McNamee and, for the first time, brought up the subject of using steroids. Clemens said that he was not able to inject himself, and he asked for McNamee’s help. Later that summer, Clemens asked McNamee to inject him with Winstrol, which Clemens supplied. McNamee knew the substance was Winstrol because the vials Clemens gave him were so labeled. McNamee injected Clemens approximately four times in the buttocks over a several-week period with needles that Clemens provided. Each incident took place in Clemens’s apartment at the SkyDome. McNamee never asked Clemens where he obtained the steroids.

clipped from
NEW YORK — George Mitchell’s 20-month report into steroid use in professional baseball blamed both players and management for the problem.Mitchell addressed the media and released his report Thursday. Among the former senator’s conclusions he gave in what he termed a “detailed statement”:

•�”For more than a decade there has been widespread anabolic steroid use” in baseball, he said.

•�”Everyone involved in baseball over the past two decades —
commissioners, club officials, the players’ association and players
– shares to some extent the responsibility for the steroids era,”
Mitchell said. “There was a collective failure to recognize the
problem as it emerged and to deal with it early on.”


By the way, Winstrol was Ben Johnson’s ‘Roid of Choice.


  1. I’ve been waiting years for this day. But wait….no Brady Anderson or Curt Schilling or Ken Caminitti?!

  2. You can’t have it all. You got 76 names. People should really take the time, if they’re at all interested, to read the PDF and go through the document. ESPN is already spinning this thing away from where it should be centered…on their ongoing role as a profiteer and manipulator of this process; on Mitchell’s zero credibility; and the continuum of dirty cops that informed this entire process.

    Spin, spin, spin.

    It’s all good. I’ve already seen Selig’s quote indicating he and the owners looked into steroids in 1993 and decided to do nothing. Acts of volition. Let’s talk jail time for Bud, the owners – Steinbrenner, Sandy Alderson, Tony LaRussa. It would be great to see some of these old bastards carted off to the big house – crying and trying to explain why they looked the other way. Aren’t steroids a national menace which endanger America’s youth?

    Are the punk ass feds really gonna focus on perjury when they could round up a bunch of folks on big time drug charges?

  3. The reports ommisions are very significant. In an era where 50% of players were using HGH and steroids, you have to assume that the players probably have paid off their suppliers and covered their tracks pretty well. Maybe a few were smart enough to purchase the juice under assumed names or have friends obtain it for them. Point is if you think your top power hitters and future record holders (think home runs) never used drugs your deluding yourself. Put an asterix on the entire era and move on.

  4. I doubt that 50% used HGH and/or steroids, but I would believe more two to three times more than the 7% or so alleged. It had to be fairly easy 5-10 years ago for a player to ask a neighbor or relative to order some medicine for him, or even for a player to travel and pay cash and pick up the stuff himself in the offseason. If you’re approaching 30 and you’ve been injured and in the last year of your contract, the temptation to take HGH in the offseason is too great–especially if you do go to the gym 4-5 times per week and have a bit of an alibi. Throw in some creatine, protein shakes, etc…, and everyone wants to believe that you did it with an incredible workout regimen.

  5. Juxtaposing the Rocket’s situation with that of Bond’s, I find the various contrasts contained therein to be so hilarious. Bonds is so hated by White America, yet that lone White dude, Gary Anderson (?) ,did a year stretch for my very prickly brotha, whereas the Rocket seemingly enjoys great white societal acceptance, yet that undercover, decorated Caucasian police officer “mistakenly”, referred to as being merely a trainer, spoke the truth as he has undoubtedly done numerous times with unquestioned veracity. Yet and still, White America will still be in denial about the Rocket, yet go after Bonds as though he is guilty. And correct me if I’m wrong but there’s no damning testimony to date from anyone claiming that they injected him with anything (and can’t we almost assume that if the Feds really had anything on him, they’d have leaked/Plamed that too?). All of this reminds of that great WASP quote: “For my friends I have justice and for everyone else, I have the law.” They can say whatever they want about Anderson, but he’s no snitch.

  6. Wasn’t sure if memory served correctly that that was the name of the trainer who did a year, rather than rat out Bonds. However, I reread this Jayson Stark piece from your favorite co-conspirators, ESPN, and yes, that is to whom I was referring. What I like most about Bonds is his open contempt for the media, which—I believe it was Wilbon, who in a piece attributed to Bonds witnessing the mistreatment of his father. Any African American male in this society who says that there isn’t enviable virtue in being able to tell the media (read: White America) and even some of his teammates to smooch is entire posterior region, yet be able to make millions and have a Caucasian male go to jail for him is telling a baldfaced lie. For this, Bonds will always be my hero. Who knew that there would be this magnificent underlying reason to run to the TV everytime he was up to bat!

  7. A little late (cut me slack, I was on vacation), but some comments:
    -Speaking of Ben Johnson… you know Carl Lewis was busted on steroids that same Olympics, right? But back then winning (during the Cold War) was so important to the US government, they covered it up. Read his Wikipedia entry if you don’t know what I’m talking about (but I’m sure Temple3 already knows this info).
    -Rocket Man is best song by William Shatner. I can’t even listen to the Elton John version anymore, sadly.
    -David Zirin said this to me tonight, but it needs to be said aloud… how are we suppose to take this Mitchell report seriously? It didn’t even address (much less implicate) management in any way! To paraphase Z: “It made it seem like this is an issue about guys sticking needles in each other’s butts in bathrooms”, when in reality it was much deeper than that.

  8. I don’t know if you saw the two pieces I wrote on Bonds and the Mitchell Report, but Zirin’s exactly right. On the day that Bonds’ indictment was announced, Bud Selig was perfectly giddy as he announced baseball had become a $6 billion business. They couldn’t have done it without steroids, George Mitchell, ESPN, and cooperative governors and mayors who’ve allowed them to fleece municipal tax rolls by building new stadia across the nation.

  9. Both the MLB and the USOC are very grimy organizations that underhandedly promoted and benefitted from athletes using steroids and these same athletes, Marion Jones and (allegedly) Barry Bonds, they are looking to castigate and incarcerate; thus, padding the coffers of the PIC [Prison Industrial Complex]. Have no illusions, the empire in which Black folk reside (or, according to Kwame Toure, “are internally colonized” or are exiled within) is preeminently dirty and has none of our ilk’s best interests at heart. I know – a gross understatement.

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