Vick’s World Goes to Dogs

Children and families in Texas could be doing better than they are today. While there are no quick-permanent fixes for curing all that ails American families, more physical space to support the healthy development of children cannot hurt. In some Texas counties, there seems to be more room for animals than the unwanted spawn of that states undesirables and unlucky. Texans are not alone in this. No one ever said a child, especially someone else’s teenage child, was man’s best friend.
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More than 600 abused and neglected children live in McLennan and Hill counties alone, but the nearest emergency shelter is in Bell County, and it’s usually full.

That’s why child advocates in Waco are pushing to get a shelter there.

Child advocates wonder why there are three animal shelters in McLennan County, but no children’s shelter.

“We’ve got children who are physically abused, children who’ve been burned, children with broken bones, children who’ve been sexually abused,” Director of CASA Susan Burt said.

Susan has worked for Court Appointed Special Advocates or CASA for seven years.

In that time the number of children in foster care in McLennan and Hill Counties has almost tripled.

“When I first started in this business about seven years ago there were 250,” Burt said.

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