Contemplating Coverage of Tom Brady’s Death

There was once a time in New England when men, brothers and neighbors killed for the honor of their daughters. (Of course, some of those same men were actually upholding something other than honor – and were invariably engaged in myriad forms of brutality against their own wives, sisters and daughters…but that’s another post for another time.) It was a violent, patriarchal time not much different from our own. Our time may retain the hallmarks of violence and male domination, but what seems to have passed away is the notion of “code.” The code of collectives like New England’s Irish American immigrant population used to be a singular, unifying mechanism for the intergenerational commutation of values. The erosion of that mechanism began many generations ago. As each successive generation of youth becomes acculturated into something larger than Old World-Old School values, the notion of applying the “code” to egregious transgressors sounds barbaric.

This morning, while watching ESPN’s coverage of the upcoming NFL day, I wondered how this world and its many media outlets would frame, report and cover the murder of Tom Brady – if it resulted from avenging angels seeking to defend the honor of his former partner and mother of his child. There was a time when a man guilty of “moving on” in the way in Brady has might be subjected to the ultimate form of correction. Of course, there might be instances where murder would be unintended, but severe bodily harm would not be a mistake. It would be a tremendous spectacle – all the grief; considerations of the future of the franchise; and, the damning criticism that the Patriots QB had brought all of this on himself.


Fortunately for everyone concerned, times have changed.


  1. Our Brother Mike Tomlin has to deal with a powerful powerhouse tomorrow, but I feel your Steelers Temple 3, and beating Brady on field would be like murder. Tomorrow it is going to be like what that old coach from Ohio State told Archie Griffin, this is more than a football game, this is WAR! 🙂

  2. Maybe, maybe not. If I’m Tomlin, I’m looking to the one team that has OWNED the Patriots since 2001: the Denver Broncos. I’m taking some pages out of their book and using their game plan to win the game — then, when the playoffs come around I use the old Steeler approach.

  3. Ewww T3….how dare you even wonder….but if I were just speculating myself…I would say coverage would be comparable to the way FoxNews covered Ronald Reagan’s journey to his hereafter…(talk about your revisionist history…geez).

  4. When i found out an official called samari roll “boy” I initially thought people like you were going to have a field day with it. But then I heard it was a black official who called him “boy” so, like I thought, you guys aren’t touching the subject. Can’t beat the old racism drum.

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