No Time to Hate the Patriots

As a Steeler fan, I am predisposed to have nothing but visceral contempt for the New England Patriots. After two devastating home losses in the AFC Championship Game, Steeler fans often feel like the franchise could have 7 championships by now. That was then, this is now.  Tom Brady and Randy Moss could stop playing today and would have historic seasons.  38 touchdown passes after 10 games?  Insane.  16 TD catches and not a DB alive who can even slow him down?  Ridiculous.  The Patriots don’t need a run game, but they have Laurence Maroney and Sammy Morris and had Kevin Faulk and could probably pick up some guy off the street and gash an elite team for 150 yards.  All the pieces are in place and the schemes are flawless.This edition of the New England Patriots is absolutely unbelievable. While it is certain that any team can lose on any given Sunday, this is probably the most dominant team I’ve ever seen – and that includes the Dynasty Era Steelers, the Joe Montana-led San Francisco 49ers and the 1985 Chicago Bears.  The Patriots can be had – but the chances of that happening are increasing slim.  The Patriots have elite personnel on both sides of the ball and a singular focus that has that at the edge of history.

This is no time to hate the Patriots. Watch every minute because you may not see this again.

(Yes, it does hurt to write that.)

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As an aside, I thought I better put my two cents in on how I would try to slow down this offense.  First, ball control and scoring on offense would be critical.  Second, I’m double teaming Moss all game – no matter what.  Of course double coverage is irrelevant on deep balls – but on crossing and underneath routes, I want to try to get a jam and harass him early in the route.  The priority has to be to take Moss away as an early look and as a 2nd look.  If he’s still running around 5 seconds after the snap, it won’t matter if he’s doubled.  He’s probably going to catch the ball and embarrass someone.

The second requirement is to take away Wes Welker.  That’s arguably tougher than covering Moss because Welker gets matchups against secondary defenders.  I’d put my BEST corner on Welker – man to man – all day.  Then I’d put my number 2 corner up against Moss with help from safeties and LBs.  That leaves 8 guys to get after Brady and also stop the run.  It can be done – but it won’t be easy.  You need an excellent front four and savvy play-making linebackers, and at least one elite corner with top-notch COD skills.  Not too many teams have all of that. 

With all of that said, even if you’re perfect on defense, you’ll probably need 31 points to win the game. 


  1. Now that the enemy has locked or Brother Michael Vick up. They can spend all the time they need (as they have continued to do all season long) to propel the “white quarterback“. The mastery of the original man, starts with destroying any thought or desire of him to quarterback his own life and to quarterback his own world. Only white people are allowed to quarterback our lives, on and off the field. It is all right to kill a half billion black people, to kill hundreds of millions of Arabs, hundreds of millions of Native Americans, hundreds of millions of Asians. I didn’t know that killing a few dogs was equivalent to kill a hundred million white people.

    If it’s not equivalent then there must be another motivation. Satan is a cold calculated enemy.

    “We are the only ones who will quarterback their lives”.

    FREE MICHAEL VICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FREE MICHAEL VICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FREE MICHAEL VICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FREE MICHAEL VICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FREE MICHAEL VICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Temple, I will never give the Pats adulation. One of my neighbors is a Boston fan and if he comes at me with that BS I will give him the smackdown.

    The same venom reserved for blacks athletes who commit violations is a mirror for what I feel about Belichik. The man is an exposed cheater. Yet this is overlooked. No one, as far as I know, has gone back to look at videotapes of past seasons and launched a federal inquiry into how long this has been going on and how extensive the web of deception truly is.

    Barry Bonds remains under a cloud of unsubstantiated suspicion. The Pats organization should be under the same cloud. Baseball authorities are giving serious consideration to applying some amendments to Bonds’s career stats and no less should be considered by the NFL if the Patriots go undefeated.

    Besides, we both know that Randy Moss and Terrell Owens are responsible for their respective teams’s successes depite the media adoration of Tom Brady and Tony Romo. I’m quite surprised to see that you’ve succumbed to the mass media’s hallucinogens.

  3. Submariner:

    Why do you think I drank the Kool Aid just because I’m giving them props? It obvious to me that Moss is the reason why their offense has taken off. He is the single most dominant offensive player in the game in years. He’s more of a threat than any QB playing the game – more than any RB – and when he’s at the top of his game, there have only been a handful of players who were as dangerous as he can be. Terrell Owens is not on that list.

    Marshall Faulk is on that list. Jim Brown is the list. I’d put Antonio Gates on the list but he needs some work.

    “succumbed to hallucinogens” – I like that, but it hasn’t been applicable on any topic whatsoever for more than 3 decades.

  4. I really don’t think there’s an answer for Randy Moss….I really and truly don’t. I admit, I only like the Pats because of Moss…..but if I hear ONE more dumb azz reporter or analyst mention how with that condescending, paternalistic bullsh*t attitude how Moss’s locker is right next to Tom Brady’s, I will scream. I swear……sometimes I feel more hate in my heart than I knew existed. The media is sending me straight to hell.

  5. Temple, I called you to task because in your posts you typically factor in variables that aren’t considered by the media. In this case I think you overlooked a potentially serious obstacle because the media in general has elided it.

    The popular narrative is that Belichik is a tough, determined coach and Brady is his counterpart on the field. Moss is barely mentioned or as Miranda observes he is referred to in a diminutive or secondary capacity. Belichik’s confirmed violation has barely been scrutinized and when Shula and other Dolphin legends utter their doubts about the Patriots’s merit they are called to task by the media. But the qualities of the Bonds case are no different.

    Again, we’re witnessing the asymmetrical application of neutral criteria. Bonds raises suspicion and attracts challenge; Belichik receives compliments for being a ‘winner’. You mentioned none of this.

  6. Do a search for Temple3 and Belichick…then go over to The Starting Five and do the same. I’ve done that up and down. For me, though, this post is about Moss. He’s not a creation of BB or Brady. He’s just the nastiest cat in the league. Check those posts and holla, holla, holla, holla, holla (damn Chappelle flashbacks!!!) back. I’d love to hear your take. The convo at TSF got pretty heated as I was basically alone in framing BB as I did.

  7. As a fellow Steeler fan I understand where you are coming from. This is an impressive group, but I still have a lil time to hate on them…for that reason and for the reasons you definately have pointed out before.

    Moss is ridiculous…oh boy, I’m having flashbacks about how he was very interested in comiing to ATL, but Blank started showing the punk tendancies that have gotten his franchise into the position it is now.

    Interesting take on the symbolism of the quarterback postion and the power and control they have over their ‘game’ and their teamates ‘games’. Very interesting.

    And one for the road….FREE MIKE VICK


  8. Temple, I offer my apologies. I didn’t realize that you’ve covered this before. And I have read your fierce, iconoclastic comments about other matters at The Starting Five. I just thought this was another of the many dull approvals currently in vogue and I should’ve known that your contrarian self would be on a different wavelength.

  9. Thank You, “Sports Diva” for you support I just hate to think of the thought that our enemy is getting away with destroying our black champions “One by One”, “Two by Two”, and to continue to think they can get away with their plans, without anyone knowing about the depth of their thinking. Let our champion out of prison




    I hate the fact that they can strip our sister Marion Jones of her gold, and make her cry, while the satanic animals who entrapped her remain unseen and anonymous.

    I hate the fact that they think that are getting away with assassinating black champions without any outcry to their evil machinations. I will continue to expose their thoughts. 🙂

    Oh yhea, Happy Thanksgiving.

    Thank you God for giving me the ability to whip the ass of my enemy.
    Thank you God for my life and my family.
    Thank you God for blessing my people with sustenance under the tyranny of a wicked oppressor.

  10. Temple 3, Thanks for accepting my views, even then may seem somewhat radical. But back to your original blog, as you have possibly suspected, I am a proud Patriots Hater 🙂

  11. So am I – deep down inside – but I’ve always liked Randy Moss. I liked that Dennis Green drafted him when everyone said it was such a terrible move. If not for that Gary Anderson (former Steeler) missed FG, the history of Green, Moss, Culpepper and this team could be very different.

    I always felt like the Falcons lost that Super Bowl before the game even started – they lost their fullback in the NFC Championship Game. Without the regular lead back for Jamal Anderson, the Broncos swarmed all over the running game.

    I like more of the Pats players on defense. Guys like Seymour, Jarvis Green, Vince Wilfork, Roosevelt Colvin – I watched most of these guys in college and really appreciated their skills. I remember when Eugene Wilson was a corner at Illinois. He was dominant and NE made him a free safety. They have some serious ballers on the defense. And, they took two elite players off the Chargers when no one else wanted them: Harrison and Seau. Someone deserves some credit for that.

    And quiet as its kept, they love old Steelers. Sports Diva should know this. They’ve brought in Vrabel, Chad Brown, Chad Scott, Hank Poteat, Amos Zeroue – maybe it was just to get a good look at the playbook.

  12. Exactly, Randy Moss would have been in abstention without his talents being cultivated. Where in the hell did he get off showing how sick his game can be, if he thinks he can win? With the Raiders he did not think he could win, and of course he did not ball like that. Not to be jocking a white quarterback, but damn, I have to admit that Brady is a machine 🙂 therefore he (Moss) are executing his talent on a whole another level.

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