Ducks Drown in Desert

The #2 Oregon Ducks are going down to the Arizona Wildcats tonite.  Heisman hopeful Dennis Dixon is out of the game with a self-inflicted injury to his knee.  He set the initial tone for the game with a 39-yard touchdown run to put his team ahead.  The Ducks, though lost Dixon, their confidence and the lead.  The Wildcats picked off a tipped pass in the endzone and averted the prospect of being down 16-0 before all the beer drinkers finished their first round.  A few plays later, the Cats were dancing in the endzone.

Since that time, it’s been all blue and red – a total Green Out.  Arizona is up 24-11 and stacking the box to stuff the run.  The second string quarterback doesn’t scare this defense one bit.

Of course it’s early and this game is not even close to over.  Dixon is not the only weapon on the Ducks’ roster.  Ask Michigan.  They’ll tell the Ducks have more than one bullet in that gun.  The defense has to bear down and get stops.  The offense has to play to the strengths of the back up – Brady Leaf (Ryan’s baby bro – and he’s at the game).  They can run some crossing routes to loosen up the defense (it’s looks like that’s the plan – but I’ve seen receivers drop 2 or the last 3 passes…that’s not helping).  They are still running the spread – and without Dixon, the defense is just getting amped.

Mike Bellotti better dig deep or he can kiss his national championship dreams goodbye.


It’s a wrap.  Arizona just returned a short punt for a touchdown.  I think that’s the second return of the game.  31-11.  Leaf’s baby bro looks terrible.  Probably didn’t think he’d play a lick this game…probably prepared like it.


Future first round draft pick Antoine Cason showed the Ducks a little something.

 Who’s the new Number 2?

Kansas – Oklahoma – Missouri?? The Big 12 is coming!

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