Campaign Contributions – CRP Charts

The Center for Responsive Politics has excellent charts on quarterly and year to date campaign contributions.  The data is organized by state and highlights are presented on mouse rollovers.  Click here.

A couple of surprises for me:

  • In the third quarter, Hillary Clinton received more contributions than all of the candidates in the state of Texas.  Former New York City mayor and poster boy for modified family values Rudy Giuliani is the Texas leader for the year to date.
  • Barack Obama is doing well in Oregon and Washington state.  On a certain level, I suppose that makes sense.  I’m surprised.  Mitt Romney has received solid support in the northern plains states and in a couple of midwestern states.  Obama is still dominant in the midwest.
  • John McCain is probably better off making other plans for the 2008 election season.
  • Someone in Montana likes John Edwards.  For the year to date, he’s only leading in North Carolina, Alabama and Montana.


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