2007 NFL Predictions – Week 10

I took a few weeks off, but I’m back with the picks. I had a hot streak there for a minute, but needed to tend to the little ones. There are some nice divisional games on tap today. Thank heavens the Jets have a bye week. That means the Steelers and Browns will be televised in New York City. Who wants to see a 1-8 team run around looking like chickens with their Mangini’s cut off? The Giants play this Cowboys at 4…and the night came features the Colts at the Chargers. Nice stuff there. The picks will be quick because time is of the essence. Here are the lines.

NFL Lines For Week 10 – NFL Football Line Week Ten
NFL Game Lines 11/11 – 11/12, 2007

Date & Time Favorite Line Underdog Total
11/11 1:00 ET At Tennessee -4.5 Jacksonville 35.5
11/11 1:00 ET At Kansas City -3 Denver 37.5
11/11 1:00 ET Buffalo -2.5 At Miami 41
11/11 1:00 ET At Pittsburgh -10 Cleveland 47.5
11/11 1:00 ET At New Orleans -10.5 St. Louis 46.5
11/11 1:00 ET At Carolina -3 Atlanta 36
11/11 1:00 ET At Washington -2.5 Philadelphia 38
11/11 1:00 ET At Green Bay -5.5 Minnesota 41
11/11 4:05 ET At Baltimore -3 Cincinnati 44.5
11/11 4:15 ET Chicago -3.5 At Oakland 38.5
11/11 4:15 ET Dallas -2 At NY Giants 48.5
11/11 4:15 ET At Arizona -2 Detroit 44.5
11/11 8:15 ET Indianapolis -3.5 At San Diego 48

Monday Night Football Line

11/12 8:30 ET At Seattle -10 San Francisco 38.5

I like the Titans over the Jags. The Titans are simply a tough, tough team. The Jags are a physical team – and both teams will be without a serious force in the middle. Marcus Stroud has been suspended for violating the drug policy. Albert Haynesworth pulled a hamstring. I like the Titans to figure out a way this game in the final minute. Tennessee 17, Jacksonville 15. I guess Tennessee missed Albert more than Jacksonville missed Marcus.

I’m probably the only person outside of Kansas City who likes the Chiefs, but I do. They lost a tough one against the Packers at home last week. I like them to rebound at Arrowhead against the Broncos. I think Priest Holmes will make them more versatile. Kansas City 38, Denver 17. Okay, see, what had happened was…

I like the Bills big over the Dolphins. I like Lee Evans deep and often over anyone in the Dolphins secondary. I like Marshawn Lynch on the ground. Buffalo 31, Miami 14. This didn’t go as expected, but the Bills pulled it out.

My Steelers, their Browns. My QB on pace to throw 40 tds (Roethlisberger) vs. their surprise passer and his arsenal of young weapons. Steelers 38, Browns 34. I don’t think the Steelers cover the spread unless they can cover the receivers. I don’t think they’ll cover the receivers because the Browns should be able to stay out of 2nd or 3rd and long if they mix it up. If Cleveland has early turnovers, it’ll get ugly by 2:00 EST. Cleveland turned it over late and the game was almost as high scoring as predicted. Browns will be kicking themselves until next season after blowing a 21-6 lead.

I like the Saints over the Rams. I never pick the Rams – holdover from the Martz days. New Orleans 28, St. Louis 13. No what you want to believe about the Saints, the calendar keeps saying it is 2007.

If the Falcons were playing at home, I’d take them over the Panthers…but since the Panthers have already demonstrated they can beat this team, I like their chances at home – even with Your Cousin Vinny starting at QB. Steve Smith could have a big day against DeAngelo Hall. Carolina 31, Atlanta 21. My first mind said – “Go with the Fighting Petrinos!” I didn’t listen.

Washington hosts the boys from the Drug Emporium. The Eagles are a mess. They were a mess BEFORE Garrett and Britt were busted. They were a mess before McNabb was injured and before he recovered. The Eagles have been a mess for some time because they lack the essentials required to be a winning playoff team. The signing of Terrell Owens masked their essential weaknesses: offense balance and finesse running. Donovan McNabb is under a great deal of duress and is charged with running a system that requires receivers like Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce. He’s got Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown. Garrett and Britt are not the only ones using drugs. Someone in Philly better snap out of it. The team needs a makeover. You see Brad Childress, the former offensive coordinator, is no aficionado of the Eagles system. He has two power runners and would have more balance if he had a mature quarterback. The failings of the Eagles lie mostly at the feet of Andy Reid. Washington 24, Philadelphia 17. If I cared enough, I’d probably write a big ass apology to Eagle fans – but what would be the point? There team is still a mess and it’s games like this that keep them from pulling the trigger on the McNabb-Westbrook combination. It’s good, but not good enough. Congrats Philly and Coach Reid. I’ll go back to my day job now.

Speaking of Brad Childress, the Vikings have been impressive at different points during the season. They certainly looked good last week against the San Diego Chargers. I don’t like them outdoors though. The Packers are physically tough enough to beat the Vikings at their own game. Green Bay 17, Minnesota 10. It was much worse than I expected.

There was a time when the Ravens and Bengals would have been an intriguing matchup. I’ll take the Bengals big. Cincinnati 41, Baltimore 14. It wasn’t close, but the Cats didn’t maul ’em like they should have.

The Bears have had a bye week to get themselves together or lose their chemistry. They are going on the road against the Raiders. Since it’s not a cross-continent trip, I suspect they’ll have the legs to get the job done – barely. Chicago 23, Oakland 21.  I didn’t see it, but I know it was close and have the feeling I didn’t miss a single thing.

The Cowboys offense is a juggernaut. Dallas 40, New York Giants 35.  Are the Giants sliding down the hole again?  6-2 before the game…6-3 now.  The Lions are up next and pose similar offensive threats to the Cowboys.  Is Eli getting the job done?  Are folks asking too much?  Maybe.  All I know is my guy has a ring, can make every throw and converted a third and 10 by running 30 yards for a touchdown – right down the middle of the field.  Gimme Ben any day.

This is the type of game the Detroit Lions ALWAYS lose. It’s a road game after a big home win…sounds like a recipe for disaster. I’m going against my book and riding the idea that the Lions may have actually turned the corner (even though they were destroyed by the Redskins for the 400th time since the beginning of the franchise). Detroit 38, Arizona 21.  The next time I tell myself the Lions are going to lose, I should listen.  I did this last year – same thing happened.  Of course the Lions will beat the Giants next week precisely because they’re not supposed to.

Colts over Chargers. Indianapolis 37, San Diego 23.

Monday Night: The 49ers are not you thought they were. Seattle 31, San Francisco 7.

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