Three D Presentation of a Tesseract

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A 3D projection of a tesseract performing a simple rotation about a plane which bisects the figure from front-left to back-right and top to bottom. Also called 8-cell or octachoron, a tesseract is the four-dimensional analog of the cube, where motion along the fourth dimension is often a representation for bounded transformations of the cube through time. The tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square. The tesseract is the four-dimensional hypercube, or 4-cube.

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  1. An nem joints need to be schmoked in precisely that order beginning at about the age of 9 proceeding onward and upward through the age of responsibility….,

  2. “We know that with the very first awakening of knowledge, man is confronted with two obvious facts:

    The existence of the world in which he lives; and the existence of psychic life in himself.

    Neither of these can he prove or disprove, but they are facts: they constitute reality for him.

    It is possible to meditate upon the mutual correlation of these two facts. It is possible to try to reduce them to one; that is, to regard the psychic or inner world as a part, reflection, or function of the world, or the world as a part, reflection, or function of that inner world. But such a procedure constitutes a departure from facts, and all such considerations of the world and of the self, to the ordinary non-philosophical mind, will not have the character of obviousness. On the contrary the sole obvious fact remains the antithesis of I and Not-I–our inner psychic life and the outer world.,”

    That’s why I actually follow your links.

  3. When Ouspensky wrote that – he was firmly stuck between the rock and the hard place of alchemy and psychologism.
    He remained stuck in that spot for the rest of his life.

    I believe that the root of his lifelong error is that he never realized that esoteric expression and its interpretation appear only as symptoms of amplified consciousness. They are not its cause.

    The sole obvious fact to me is that organisms are 4+ dimensional “objects”. Coming to grips with the esoteric is nothing so much as coming to grips with the details of your own organism. While it’s possible to accomplish much of this on your own, meticulous and relentless self-observation in the trusted company of like-minded others greatly accelerates the process…, goes to the very heart of what far too many folks accept as “culture”

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