Ending Affirmative Action in College Football

Sometimes things get so ugly that you just have to raze everything in sight.  Sometimes nothing is too rash.  When the score of your football game against Kansas looks like a bad night on the hardwood, it’s time to light the bonfire.  In Lincoln, Nebraska tonight everyone from Warren Buffett to Tom Osborne must be wondering how the Kansas Jayhawks scored 76 points without Wilt Chamberlain and Paul Pierce.  Among those with a curious look on his face will be current head football coach Bill Callahan.  Maybe he’ll get this figured out in time to stop some of the bleeding among Big Red.  I wouldn’t bet on it.

This man should not be running with this team.


Then there is the case of the NCAA’s other resident genius offensive coordinator. He watched his charges lose to the Naval Academy.  There were no Seals at the game.  There was no gunfire.  There wasn’t even any swimming involved – and still Notre Dame managed to lose again.  The first loss in 43 years should be a solid indicator that the 10-year deal to which Charlie Weis was signed may not have been the best idea in labor management since the time clock.

This man should not be eating with his team…


I guess everyone is getting exactly what they want.

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