Rudy Giuliani, Motorola and the Saudis

A candidate for President of the United States of America presently stands accused of awarding a no bid contract to an international vendor for faulty equipment which led to the deaths of 121 firefighters.These are heavy charges. Check out the links to and the related videos. With news like this, you’d think New Yorkers would be clamoring for David Dinkins to return to office.

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The Giuliani administration then awarded Motorola with a no-bid contract for new radios that were not field tested, did not work properly and were immediately pulled from the field. As a consequence of the inability of the firefighters’ antiquated radios to receive police broadcasts, firefighters in the North Tower never received an alert from an NYPD helicopter that the building was in danger of collapse, and remained in place while police officers evacuated. The building’s collapse killed 121 firefighters.

New York City Councilman Eric Gioia says he supports a call for an investigation of former Mayor Giuliani’s failure to provide New York City firefighters with radios that could have saved lives on 9/11.
Many firefighters in NYC and across the country are quite hostile to Giuliani’s presidential bid, and accuse him of derelict behavior and unfair favoritism toward the police.
The documentary and a video with Gioia’s response can be viewed at

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  1. This should be out there whenever Giuliani attacks. I live in New York. He took payoffs to take motorola. Too bad the bad technology killed 121 firefighters. This is the same man that put the response center in the world trade centers after the ’93 attacks. Unfit to comment on terrorism, unfit to carry the water for the republican party. This man’s arrogance killed brave men.

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