Planting Seeds for Education Equity

A group of social justice attorneys are doing some serious work down in Washington, D.C. In addition to providing an advocacy front on key issues, Appleseed attorneys and their collaborators (this time, Columbia University) have been developing position papers and reports on some critical issues in education.I had the pleasure this week of meeting Appleseed’s Education Director Edwin Darden. Appleseed presently operates 6 centers nationwide dedicated to the implementation of these report recommendations. Please take a moment to go to their site and check out the report in PDF format.  The report is available in Spanish at Appleseed’s website.

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In September 2006, Appleseed released a comprehensive report based on research and analysis of the parent involvement practices in 18 school districts across the country. The report includes an evaluation of efforts to inform and engage parents about their children’s schooling and recommendations for what districts can do to help parents, especially in low-income districts, become better “consumers” of public education. �Appleseed Centers in Chicago, Connecticut, Georgia, New Mexico, Texas and Washington state are currently working with school districts, state education departments and community groups to implement the report’s recommendations.
Appleseed is conducting a systematic, nationwide study of how principal and teacher�contracts influence student learning and the overall success of schools. This project seeks to increase the understanding of parents and other taxpayers about how these contracts affect principal and teacher quality and the overall academic climate in schools.

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