The Writing on the Wall…it’s Chinese

I heard this at an education conference today:  The persons in the top 20% of IQ measurement in China exceeds the entire population of North America.  Online I found this:  that the same hold for 28% of all persons in India.  Aside from the false, craven appeals to American Black and Latino children and their parents, it seems like the time to invest in American education has come and gone.  Perhaps that time period was the late 1950’s and early 1960’s – when Black folks were still begging for access and American firms were just beginning to cast a desirous eye overseas.  Over the next ten years, a precious opportunity was lost.

The Chinese are the new boogeymen.  Jack Bauer has done all he can to ensure a hasty demonization.  Movies are sure to follow.  Educators have summoned up the audacity to appeal to Black and Brown citizens five decades after that the fact.  That’s not likely to be all that appealing given all that families must deal with to develop the best in their children.


  1. When you look at figures like this, it’s important to do the math. China has 1.3 billion people, 20% is 260 million. The population of North America over 500 million. That means if North America averaged an IQ of 100 which is average IQ, that there are 260 million Chinese with IQs of close to 200.

    Often when you see big claims like that, the math doesn’t add up. Look at it this way, 20% of our population has a greater IQ than Canada. That’s because 20% of US population is over 60 million and Canada’s population is around 30 million not that we’re smarter.

  2. This means though they have more brain power to work with.

    All things being equal who is going to create more ideas to solve a problem, 100 people or 1,000.

    China has more potential synergy…so does India.

    Even though the average Indian IQ is quite low they have 1.1 billion people, China 1.3 billion.

    How many geniuses do you need to really innovate and run a society?

  3. T3…you seem more intelligent then a lot of bloggers of your genera. I broke down the IQ thing on Blackprof.

    I liked through my site.

    Steve said average IQ is 100, that is a base level for the U.S., every nations does not have the same IQ average. Mainland Chinese are poor and backward still (although they are coming up hard)…bu there average IQ is somewhere between 98-100.

    Their overseas Chinese cousins in Taiwan, Singapore, and Hongkong average around 106…since they are mostly descendants of landless peasants, I’m assuming the Mainland has more potential for brain power if the environment improves.

    In any case check out what I wrote. If you want more you can hit me back on my site.

    You can make up your own mind.

    I think if China can workout its cultural issues and make itself as efficient as Taiwan or better yet, Singapore, in 50 years they will be quite formidable. That’s not fear talking that is pragmatism, as you can see on my site I follow China and have lived there.

    I’m out.

  4. No. I have read your post and think you are intelligent. It is not “back-handed” sorry if it came out that way. If I thought you stupid I would not comment at all.

    I said exactly what I meant. I will leave it at that.

    I just wanted to introduce you to more info, that’s it, nothing more.

  5. I have lived in China for a few years. I can tell you for a start they are hungry! I have two Chinese friends that studied in the U.S this year, both needed to jump an IQ hurdle upon entry. Basically, they studied their asses off, for months, just for the IQ test. I think out of necessity, the U.S would do the same. I wouldnt be shocked, its not like a greater percentage have a smarter gene!

  6. You should take a look at some of the new ideas about traditional IQ. These theories look at four or five different types of IQ, they look at different things than just verbal or math tests. They look at things like spacial, phsycial, and other areas. Tests for those types of IQ aren’t things you can study for.

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