Steve Nash and White Privilege

From COSELLOUT…check this!!!

An excellent and comprehensive post on the packaging of images and personality — to suite the tastes of a white supremacist public.  Tasty!!


  1. Temple, thanks for the references on both links. Damn, you are really attracting some deep thinkers on your Mcnabb thread!!!

  2. I’ve been trying to hold back (which pisses folks off to no end). I refuse to engage folks at the Arrogant Idiot Level. These folks are actually reveling in their reluctance to think. Powerful stuff – that’s why I keep it going. This will serve as compelling evidence for young Black children in search of a rationale for focusing – and ignoring dissenting voices.

  3. I haven’t read your site closely enough. You’ve got some great stuff over there. BTW, when I was commenting over at TSF, I noticed that Bonds could have hit close to 70 homers in 1993 if he batted third instead of fifth behind Will Clark and Matt Williams. I believe that if Will Clark batted fifth (probably would have ended his career five years earlier), Bonds would have challenged the record in that season. Williams was a credible power threat and would have discouraged so many walks to Bonds.

    These folks should simply look at the lineups Bonds has batted in to get a sense of his prodigious talents. The numbers, when crunched rigorously, paint a vastly different picture.

    Look the Book of Isiah. You need to make sure that Zeke gets a look.

  4. T3, like you and everyone else in the blogosphere I have tons of articles in my head which I never got around to. One article was precisely what you reference. I was halfway into the research of Bonds effect on his teammates and it is simply astounding. Matt Williams is something like a career .257 without Bonds and .290something with him. I crunched many other numbers but never wrote the article. Look what happened when Rich Aurelia batted in front of him. he is ridiculous. One of my personal missions is to leave no stone unturned in setting the record straight on Bonds before he is eligible for the hall.

    yeah, getting it into Zeke’s hands would be nice. maybe I’ll do some googling around MSG folks and find a conduit. It is also quite possible that he saw it since Deadspin picked it up and someone could have come across it and informed Isiah. Who knows…

  5. Yeah, Modi put it down on that one. One of the interesting things about the McNabb piece is that everyone thinks he was talking solely about himself.

    They don’t extrapolate it to the historic imbalance in the press and popular treatment of QBs like Warren Moon, Doug Williams and so many others. It’s mostly comic relief.

  6. I’ve left a bunch of numbers on Bonds’ performance over at TSF that I need to consolidate. The batting order piece is striking – not just for him, but for many other players. Aaron played in front of a Hall of Famer for years. Can you imagine Barry batting IN FRONT OF Manny Ramirez or Eddie Matthews or Lou Gehrig or Jose Canseco or Gary Sheffield?

    I don’t believe people have the remotest idea of how good Bonds has been. Perhaps what is most distasteful about the Costas types is that the MSM has never genuinely embraced Aaron as the home run king.

    I took a look at the list of ACTIVE Career Home Run leaders on a season-by-season basis. Aaron was the leader for only a handful of seasons before retirement. For the great majority of his career, the ACTIVE leader in home runs was Willie Mays. And I know Wilie Mays does not think Hank Aaron was a better home run hitter than he. For the media, the real home run king is still Babe Ruth.

    The thing that sets Barry about is his plate discipline. It’s unparalleled, and he’s had it for some time.

  7. I couldn’t agree more with your Barry assessment. Barry’s home plate discipline is off the charts, and the point about batting protection is a HUGE one!!!

    About Willie Mays and Aaron, the only thing that separated them was Aaron’s post-35 home run prowess. If you substituted Aaron’s post-35 home run power with every other HOFer, Willie Mays would be the all-time king with 787. I have detailed this new hypothetical “700 club” in “The Myths of 755”:

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