Do You Really Feel My Pain?

From dwil at SOMM:

The words “right and “privilege” are swung like hammers to pound into the public’s mind that athletes are interchangeable and dispensable, and that the leagues – and the owners behind the commissioners – are the pinnacle of corporate fair play. Athletes play games, after all, and they are compensated beyond belief through the largesse of these “fair-minded” and mostly benevolent owners who have as much will to win as the athletes themselves.

Read the rest of the post here.

Trent Green




  1. This is the best article I’ve read on steroid use and sports. I would relish in schadenfreude if Clemens or Schilling were implicated.

  2. That’s not even close to the best work he’s done. It’s very good, but it ain’t the best. Go to the site and check out the 2 part series on Bonds…then go to and search for Barry Bonds.

    Also, check out Chris Modiano’s site COSELLOUT on Bonds and Aaron and the media. Great stuff.

    Folks have really done the digging on these issues. Happy hunting.

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