1. There’s the little ORANGE button under Technorati and then there are the TEXT versions for identifying Entries or Comments at bottom.

    Probably too many choices. I don’t think people use any of that crap. I borrowed the idea from Dr. Spence.

  2. Those are stooge buttons and they don’t work.

    (as in three stooges – they beckon like a penny glued to the sidewalk and then frustrate because they’re not attached to a syndication payout)

    I strongly recommend haloscan or any other feed with comment level granularity. I got hooked on that over at bookerrising.

  3. Craig:

    That’s a good thing. I think that the RSS icons may be hard to see on this page. I suppose I’ll be seeing more of you.


    That site is down – but many of the oldies are goodies.

  4. That’s advisable. I wouldn’t even be responding to the idiots if it wasn’t about the legacy of the space. I may have to start deleting busters OR just framing those arguments as a catalog of the key components of white supremacist argumentation.

    That may be the only value.

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