Duel in Dallas: What If Tony Romo is on that List of Names

I better get this off my chest now.  I’ve been wondering what the heck has been delaying the announcement of this list of names related to shipments of HGH and steroids and the like.  It could be anything – but it’s probably nothing.  I had an interesting conversation today with one of the writers over at TSF – we were talking about intuition and feeling waves.  I know – not exactly prime sports talk, but in the larger context it made perfect sense.

So, I felt three waves on this…

1) This announcement is taking forever.  I guess there is always legal wrangling and word at TSF was that the baseball union and NFL were able to establish different agreements based on relationships and humility (need to find that link).  Time will reveal.  The baseball season is OVER in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.  All that’s left are more under the radar “feel good” stories in Colorado or Arizona, aka the World Series.  Those stories could easily be tainted by an announcement involving key players.  Who knows.  I don’t expect much of that.  The thing is, though, that football is THE sport – and it’s football season.  The biggest game of the season will be played on Sunday in Dallas, Texas.

The game features the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys.  There is a lot of money and interest swirling around this game.  Perhaps this epic battle is somehow related to the delay.  Probably not.  Still, there is no denying the appeal of this game.  ESPN is already hyping this game (which needs no hype) as the Duel in Dallas.  And much of this hype has very little to do with either Randy Moss or Terrell Owens.  Writers have looked at the financial side of the question for Romo.  They’re calling it the Perfect Storm.

Where have I heard that before? – Here and  Here.  Rick Ankiel.  Of course.  The other wild, young Stallion who makes Americans want to be better people through the sheer beauty of his eyes – or something like that.

2)  Steve Young said something interesting the other day.  He said that Romo was stronger than he thought.  I wonder why Steve Young didn’t think Tony Romo was strong in the first place.  He is an NFL quarterback.  He is not slight in the mold of a Jeff Garcia.  Perhaps the strength is all natural.  Perhaps the strength was derived from services provided by suspended Dallas quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson.  Wilson, you’ll recall, had his name released the day after Rodney Harrison.  Patriots and Cowboys linked to HGH and steroids one month ago; biggest game of the season; must see TV; merchandising; buzz, buzz, buzz.  The buzzers are going off!

3)  A single post in the comments on ESPN:

Jayemel (10/10/2007 at 12:05 PM)

I wish Tony Romo the best of luck as he has inherited the media image that was revoked from Tom Brady this past offseason. Perfect storm, squeaky clean, underdog made good, role model…can we let these guys just play football from now on or what?

A simple plea for sanity.  No doubt it will go unheard.  The cash registers need to ring.

Tony Romo is the feel good story of the NFL this season.  While Bill Belichick has been branded and Bonded,  only the elevation or resurrection of New Tony Romo and Old Tony Romo (Brett Favre, according to Brian Urlacher) have inspired the release “feel good” hormones in Post-Ankiel America.  For some reason, America simply can’t get worked up over Randy Moss.  It would be a disaster for Mr. and Mrs. Feel Good if Tony Romo’s name is on that list.  It might even occasion a recalibration of all our calendars.

2007 – The Year of the Fall of the Holy Romo Empire.

If Romo’s name is on the list, I won’t be surprised because the bell rung three times.  If his name is not on the list, that will be just fine and perhaps he can reap the benefits of his “Perfect Storm.”


  Nothing like a petrified Sox fan to make my day.


  1. Ridiculous. Wilson took prescribed HGH because diabetes has given him erectile dysfunction and the little blue pill and others have not worked. It is a serious leap of logic to conclude Wilson was supplying Romo HGH just because Young said he is stronger than he imagined.

  2. Oh touchy, touchy. I never said this was about logic. But if it was, you’d have missed the point.

    Wilson has something to hide. I don’t know the gravity of what that is – and it’s beside the point of the original post…but it’s does pertain to your comment.

    “Wilson’s name surfaced in an investigation by the Albany County, N.Y., district attorney into anti-aging clinics, pharmacies and doctors who signed prescriptions for patients they never examined. Wilson said he chose that alternative because he knew his regular doctors probably wouldn’t approve the treatment.

    During a telephone interview, Wilson still wouldn’t identify the banned substances he took. Chris Baynes, the lead prosecutor on the case, said Thursday night that it was a “cocktail of different drugs,” including human growth hormone.

    If Wilson had obtained a properly prescribed medication for a legitimate medical reason, he would not have run afoul of NFL rules, league spokesman Greg Aiello said. Wilson will continue to be paid while suspended. Wilson said he earns a little over $300,000 a year from the Cowboys.”

    HGH is standard to recommendations for diabetics. He certainly could have received a prescription for the use of HGH with his condition and his stated symptoms – but he didn’t go that route and he hasn’t disclosed all that he took. Perhaps most importantly, your post (as liberated from the full context as it is) implies Wilson was suspended merely for getting and sustaining an erection.

    No my friend. It’s not that simple. You are more than welcome to defend Romo – but there really is no need. He is not under attack here. You are more than welcome to assail my logic – when it is being applied. You are entitled to disagree (it’s welcome), but I’d prefer if you had a better handle on the conversation before jumping to conclusions.

  3. Charge and reply to the response have an odd feel. Like a veneer of pseudo-intellectualism trying to cover the frustrated battery thrower inside. Saw my share of that among some of the supposedly “elite” Eagles fans when I lived in Philly. Come to think of it, most of them came from Temple. Hm.

  4. Not even close. Nice try though. The name has nothing to do with Temple U. or Philly or the Eagles. Seriously, what in the hell is an “elite Eagle fan”? Do you mean folks were elitist and Eagles fans? They shouldn’t have been at Temple. The Eagles suck – so you couldn’t be referring to fans who an ego about their team. That would be comical. Help me out here. “Elite Eagles fans.” You got me with that one.

    This isn’t about hating Romo or the Cowboys. And, this post is hardly intellectual, let alone pseudo-intellectual. If you want to wrap your brain around something, there is ample opportunity for that. Look around.

  5. I don’t blame Wison for wanting to hide what is a touchy subject for many men; Rafael Palmeiro excepted. If that runs afoul of the NFL rules, then fine. He knew the rules. But, it is much more akin to a thief stealing to feed his family than for monetary gain. Certainly, the former is a crime, but it is not as offensive to the public sense of justice.

    You, despite your backtracking, have implied that Wilson obtained the HGH to supplement Romo’s strength. This is based on one comment from Steve Young? That’s what is ridiculous in my opinion. You can certainly disagree with the inferences I take from your opinions, but they are there, whether you like them now or not.

  6. One last time…”During a telephone interview, Wilson still wouldn’t identify the banned substances he took.”

    This was after the ED connection was established.

    As for your conception of crime and punishment – it is precisely that degree of criminality which has led to the proliferation of arrests in this nation – and there is very little sentiment for those criminals from the public. There is far more empathy for criminals who share the same “race” or who commit property crimes of greater value. This isn’t news to you, I’m sure.

    The whole post is hypothetical and based on a feeling…not something substantiated. You can make of it what you will. You obviously feel the need to defend something which is not under attack. Why is that?

    You got somethin’ goin’ on wit Romo?

  7. i happen to know romo personally. I played with him for two years at eastern. He was actually kind of a dork. One of my fraternaty brothers lived with him his first two years down in dallas. Trust me, the guy is not a workout warrior. If steve young said he was “stronger than i thought” “faster than i thought”, I don’t see how you can make the “hypothetical jump” to steroids or hgh.

    He isn’t fast at all. When we got timed his last year at eastern he ran a 5.0 and broke 4.9 maybe once. He is just sneaky fast.

    Temple is doing what he hates to see others do. Attacking a player because of his race. If someone came out and said “Mcnabb or Vince young’s name might be on the list’ then he would write a thread about the unconcious racism and elitism and white supremists who want to see a fellow brother man destroyed.

    Another thing. Whats with all the “media loves to tear people down” comments. Not specifically on here but in general. The media helps build these players up to the hype machines they are. Then they tear them down. It happens all the time. So I guess all the years of building up Mike Vick, who is an average quarterback at best anyway, as one of the faces of the league don’t count. Cause when they tear him down based on HIS ACTIONS then it’s because of racism or white supremacy…..give me a break.

  8. Before you say it, and i know you will, i do not care if you believe that i know tony. I will admit i havent talked to him in a couple of years. We weren’t great friends or anything. But he was a teammate of mine, and we ran in the same circles up at school. He is one of the best athletes i have ever been around. He used to dominate not only on the football field, but in basketball. He was mr football and mr basketball in the state of wisconsin as a senior in high school..

    Once again, before you idiots come back with it…i really don’t care if you believe me.

  9. Nick – why are you so defensive? what’s going on? break up? crappy job? relocating? loss of a loved one? family pet? what’s the deal?

    It’s not surprising that if you played DB at Eastern Illinois that you’d know Romo. I don’t have any trouble believing you guys hooped together and hung out, etc. It’s all good. Romo is such a good athlete, in fact, in led Michael Irvin to postulate that he might have African ancestry. Remember that? Now, of course he does. We all do. But that’s beside the point.

    Maybe you should try yoga or reikki. Skip all of the games this weekend. It’ll cool you out.

  10. Nick – be clear – Romo is not being attacked. This is idle speculation. Is it based on “race”? Of course not – it’s based on the fact that Romo represents an Ankiel Factor in football. If this were about Ankiel, it wouldn’t be about Rick’s “race” – it would be about the racism of the fans who make common cause with him based on some mythical connection that does not exist. You people aren’t even “white.”

  11. you are right, we aren’t white. We are Anglo. Just like you guys aren’t black.

    Well lets just say there are some pale ass people that are as close to “white” as you can get. And there are some dark as brothers out there, like my boy Lorne who insisted we called him by his nickname….Black. He was dark as night.

  12. I’m still using Black…it was never literal. It was always more and less. But pale will suffice, where appropriate.

    And you’re not Anglo, either – unless you are. Romo’s not Anglo. In any case, you don’t have to be “white” or Anglo to be a white supremacist. It’s an expanding club looking for new members every day.

  13. i’m not a white supremist. You won’t get very far throwing that label around so liberally. You sound more like a disgruntled racist yourself.

    And I am of German and English decent. ANGLO

    I’ll still use white.

    You don’t have to be white to be a racist. Racism is an expanding club and more and more black folks perscribe to thier own brand of it every single day.

    Oh I know, they don’t participate in the institutionalism of blah blah….they hate white people. There are black and white kids who pick on each other for no other reason than for color and cultural differences. They are both wrong. Not just the punk ass white kids. The punk ass black kids are wrong too.

  14. First, I don’t need to defend Romo because he has not done anything wrong. I’m simply pointing out a flaw in your logic; you can call it what you want, but it is still logic. There is no logical connection to Wilson’s use of steroids or HGH for his problems and Romo. You know that and are actually beating the idiot drum that Skip Bayless beats; that being namely, say anything to stir up controversy.

    Next, I’ll agree with you that the sympathy for criminals, unfortunately, does revolve around racial lines. Nevertheless, the mom stealing a loaf of bread is not as bad as the person who stole my laptop out of my car the other night!

    Finally, you seem to be an intelligent guy, and I had no idea you are Black. It makes no difference to me, and I do not desire to get into race issues. So, my criticism of your logic concerning Romo is not racially motivated, and I don’t think you believe it is either. By the way, I’m like Romo, half Hispanic, half White. And, that’s not the reason I am “defending” him as you have put it! I actually stumbled upon your blog, and will check it out more!

  15. Regarding Romo… Looks like he has talent and, perhaps more important, mental toughness. He has about one year’s worth of games under his belt, and while he has a heck of a record of accomplishment, only time will tell if he is a Hall of Famer.

    Instead of silly daydreams about Romo and performance enhancing drugs, why not turn instead to the known travesty everyone seems to be trying to ignore–the Patriot’s stealing playcalls from their opponents?

    Seems to me that, at the least, they should be stripped of all their wins this season up to and including the Jets. That would not keep them out of the playoffs (if I recall correctly, their division opponents have a total of only 2 wins in 15 games). But it would send a essage.

    Also, a thorough investigation of their behavior over the last several years is in order–with an eye toward exacting recompense (up to and including barring them from post-season play for a couple of years as is done in college football).

  16. James, you’re about the most presumptuous bastard to roll through here in about two years. Search for Belichick on the site – been there, done that, in depth. I’m done with you too. Smug, ignant phukkker.

  17. “Presumptuous bastard?” “Smug, ignant phukker?” Really, that’s uncalled for (and the sense of inferiority your defensiveness reveals is disappointng–I had hoped for better in this intellectual exchange).

    In any event, sorry guys. I’m new to this website. Just stumbled across it recently and didn’t know the Patriots’ mess had been discussed.

    I trust everyone agreed with me.

  18. The hipocrisy with which they are treating these latest athletes compared to Barry Bonds is staggering. Is there no one in the MSM with the stones to address this outside of a passing mentioned. Wow.

  19. You can see from the comments on this thread that if a writer had the heart to cover these stories accurately, they’d likely get fired.

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