“Nothing to do with Race”

Google Searches:

“nothing to do with race” – 119,000

“something to do with race” – 12,100

“everything to do with race” – 12,000

“nothing to do with class” – 9,290

 “White” Americans have embraced the term “nothing to do with race” as a battle cry for any and all issues and events.  For some folks, it is difficult to determine whether or not something is related to race.  For others, it’s easy as pie.  In any event, persons who assert that any and all events from A to Z have nothing to do with race also assert, “When I look at a person, I don’t see race.”   Field Negro does a great job with this item.  To paraphrase from Tina Turner, “What’s race got to do with it.  What’s race but a bad old-fashioned notion.”  Race may be played out, but racism, white supremacy is alive and well.

On a related matter, I came across this photo of New York Sicilians marching in front of the Black Madonna and her Black child. Below is the image of Poland’s Black Madonna of Czestochowa.


The Black Madonna

of Tindari in a procession, circa 1940. Courtesy of Anna Palermo Carroccio.



  1. What’s sad is the number of black folks that validate the white cry of “nothing to do with race”

  2. I cannot say that racism is always easy to see, let alone understand. In many respects our people don’t have a fighting chance.

  3. for my generation we see/feel/taste racism. I do it in silence beecause the new Afr/Amerries have been following those Euroes for 400 plus years and now we see the results. So Afr/Amerries keep signing, dancing and entertaining them and you will get the treatment you deserve. The Euroes need you all to do his grunge work.and also an allie for the real competition he faces from the deep deep South of the Boarder

  4. Larry:

    With all due respect – That’s too easy. Most of us haven’t been following them anywhere. When you consider the odds and the resources that “Euroes” have, we’ve done a tremendous job of resisting their advances. We have a long way to go, but our condition could be infinitely worse. As it stands, the folks you’ve accused of “singing, dancing and entertaining” have still been able to muster more political and economic capital than any other collective in the African diaspora. As I said, we have a loooong way to go, but the march of a thousand miles has already begun.

    Our entertainers have certainly been most visible – but they have not been most effective. Our family-based, community-based and national leaders have blazed the path that we follow. I say it’s important to spread a little love for all that we have been able to do.

  5. ”White” Americans have embraced the term “nothing to do with race” as a battle cry for any and all issues and events”

    Not any and all. Just the many many instances of “crying wolf” by african americans who have embraced the Race card as an excuse for everything. Pull it out when you don’t want to accept responsibility for your actions.

    Free “pookey” (forgot his name) t shirt.

    Who is that? i ask

    My cousin, he’s locked up for slangin crack.

    Why are you wanting to free him when he was caught selling crack? i ask

    because he wouldn’t have to sell crack if the government didn’t keep our people down and not allow us to rise up economically.

    Hilarious. Sure there are obsticals in the way of progress of african americans. Slavery def set you guys back. But it seems like most african americans would rather play the victim than actually take responsibility for their own lives and actions of those in thier own communities.

  6. Prove it. Your descent into tired, centuries-old white supremacist rants is close to its end. You’ve extrapolated your t-shirt story and used it to ignore reality. That’s what racists do. Take the particular – extend it to the general and then link it to biology. That’s white supremacy 101…Time for the hood.

    Your mission, should you decide to accept, is to find 1000 examples of Black excellence wholly unrelated to the entertainment industry. Report back with the same intensity as your other posts. Remember, the same intensity.

  7. it’s not just that t shirt.

    I see t shirts of kids in my community often. With “free so and so on it” Why should we free criminals just cause they are black? Cause there are a disporportunate number of black males in prison? Because they wouldn’t be criminals if they weren’t “forced” into a life of poverty? I don’t care about circumstances. If someone breaks the law, they should pay the price.
    Slightly off topic, but i do think drug laws in this country are RACIST. Yes, i said it. Example: you get caught with a gram of coke, and you get arrested possesion MAYBE JAIL TIME. You get caught with a crack rock in some projects (crack which is a less pure form of coke and is cut) and it’s 10 years per rock mandatory minimum. Now thats racist. And the “crack contributes to more violent crime” argument is BS.
    But it’s not “free so and so” At best it should be “so and so is being treated wrong.” “he should have a lesser penalty for his crime” Instead people tend to go overboard and not want people to even be prosecuted in the first place.

    Show me an african american wrongly accused and jailed and i’ll wear a “free junebug” t shirt too.

  8. T3, I love the google check! There is no affliction in the world like “anything but racism” disease that so quickly turns reasonable and intelligent people into blathering morons.

  9. Actually race has a LOT to do with it, and more and more white people are realizing this.


    Euro-American and unashamed

  10. btw, jim sachsen found my site too. Both of our sites were linked on a thread on the white supremacist / neo nazi site, stormfront.org. Mr. Unashamed is a frequent commenter on that site. He left a not-so-subtle racist comment on my site. ugh!

    ps: nice post.

  11. Well, Jim behaved on his visit here – so there is no need for me to go into all out attack mode. There is nothing wrong with being proud of Euro-American ancestry or any other type. The fact remains that our ancestors did not play well together and there are trillion dollar consequences to that dynamic. So pride comes with a cost.

    Thanks for the flag E.

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