Daunte’s Inferno Burns Dolphins

This season the Miami Dolphins proved the old school saying, “God don’t like ugly.” Daunte Culpepper, still rehabilitating from tearing all cruciate ligaments in his knee while with the Minnesota Vikings, was engaged in a protracted battle for “liberation.” Culpepper began the 2006 season as the Dolphins starter. The feeling in Miami was that he probably tried to play too soon – that injuries such as his would require at least two years to heal. This is the second year and Daunte looks much better.  Two passing touchdowns, three rushing touchdowns, and one power move late, Culpepper looks like a player with the ability to recapture some of his old form.  At his best, Culpepper is as good a passer as anyone in the game.


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MIAMI – Daunte Culpepper thought about the moment he would send the football world a message about his right knee. That moment came in the third quarter as he sprinted to his right and escaped the grasp of Miami Dolphins linebacker Donnie Spragan. The three-time Pro Bowl quarterback then leaped toward the end zone, football extended toward the goal line for his second rushing touchdown.He stood up, pointed to his knee and, with a hand gesture, declared it OK.

Culpepper, starting his first game since he was a Dolphin on Oct. 1, 2006, threw two touchdown passes and ran for three more scores in his return to Dolphin Stadium in the Oakland Raiders’ 35-17 win over Miami yesterday.

Behind Culpepper and a dominant running game, the Raiders (2-2) won their second game in a row and ended a 12-game road losing streak dating to a 16-13 win at Washington on Nov. 20, 2005.Thirty-five points are the most by the Raiders since they scored 38 against Buffalo on Oct. 23, 2005.

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Quarterback Daunte Culpepper (8) listens to Miami Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron following the Raiders’ 35-17 victory at Dolphin Stadium in Miami. Culpepper was cut by Cameron before the season began and then signed with the Raiders. Chronicle photo by Chris Stewart


  1. Do you need to pass if you can get 3 rushing TDs, a back who puts 180 yards on the ground, and then just pass 2 more TDs?? Damn passing yards if you can still get 5 TDs out of it.

  2. The stats just don’t support the idea that Culpepper has “sketchy decision-making.” I’ll concede that you may have seen him play far more often than I have – but when he’s healthy, he’s as good as it gets. He may take chances, but I believe that is a function of “athletic arrogance.” He believes he do just about anything – and he can.

  3. It’s rare in the NFL to see a quarterback throw the ball 20 yards downfield and hit a linebacker in the back of the head. Culpepper threw one of those passes on Sunday and I had to laugh. Same ol’ Daunte.

    When Culpepper was in Minnesota, he was protected by a great offensive line. That allowed him to hold the football, make a cup of tea, check for uniform malfunctions, and wait for someone to get open. If no one was open, then Culpepper could simply throw the ball to Randy Moss.

    It will be interesting to see if the Raiders coaching staff can get Culpepper to break his bad habits. Throwing into double coverage paid off several times during the Moss-Culpepper era, but it’s been a bad idea since.
    Holding onto the football too long is something he’s always done, and I doubt the coaches will be able to fix that.

    A classic line about Culpepper is something to the effect of “A potential Culpepper fumble was averted on the play when his pass was intercepted.”

    I know I’m being unfair. Culpepper may return to form in Oakland. I should give him the benefit of the doubt.

  4. I am so happy for Dante.
    I live in Miami so let me make sure I say this clearly.

  5. Thr Raiders ran the ball Omar becasue the Dolphins are the worst run – stopping team in the NFL and that second TD was a lazer to Porter the game plan was to run, run, and run Fargas ran for 179 Culpepper hasn’t played serious football in 2 years so he’s still rusty but by late in the year Culpepper will be 100% don’t “DA Bears ” wished they had Culpepper instead of Sexy Rexxi and Griese

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