Obfuscating Ahmadinejad

Quick question.

In a nation that allegedly values “freedom of speech,” why is so much news time being focused on a question to which the answers are given? It is one thing to protest the actions, words and beliefs of a head of state. It is wholly different, however, to protest, oppose and organize to eliminate the right of that head of state to speak. It does not matter that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not a citizen of the United States. (In fact, the United States is seeking to make him a subject of US military authority unless significant changes are made including the abandonment of a nuclear energy program, suspension of plans for an oil bourse, renewed US access to Iranian oil resources, and regime change away from Islamic clerical leadership.) Americans have sought to internationalize the best and worst of their political practices – and do not reserve the right to rescind those activities when unpopular speakers take the floor.

The United States is not about to suspend the misinformation broadcasts it puts forth across the planet. Why, then, should wealthy, educated, powerful citizens of the world’s leading democracy feel the need to protest the opportunity of a single head of state to speak to a hostile audience at an elite Western institution?


  1. Excellent question……but its a WMD tactic for other things. raise a fuss here….make’em forget about something over there.

  2. You should see the recap of his interview with the Council of Foreign Relations last year. He was in New York last year and didn’t generate as much buzz. I guess the big boys didn’t want a bunch of misguided protesters messing with their business. Check out the site…and what he had to say about Israel is a bit different that what folks were suggesting yesterday.

  3. Ya know T3, I actually do remeber his visit to NY last year. I was surprised more folks weren’t fussing. Then this trip roles around and you’d think he dropped bombs on Nebraska between then and now because of how the propaganda went into overdrive.

    It was all about the business of the business last time, Columbia & U.N. be damned this time around! LOL

  4. SD:

    The first trip was for “them” to sniff him out and for him to tango with policy experts at the CFR. They talked about some of the same BS, and some real stuff.

    This trip was for him. It’s a nice PR opportunity for him – and the virulent, hypocritical opposition makes him look good.

    Symmetry, baby babuh!!

  5. Yeah he definately came out of this trip validating what the world already thinks about America. His PR game might come as a shock to the Beltway boys. LOL

    I just wish someone from another country would please treat our head of state like Bollinger did. That would be great to see!!!

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