2007 NFL Season – Week 3 Predictions

Another week. Another slate. Time for the latest in misbegotten prognostication. So much is made, every single year, of which teams make it to 2-0. In a season that runs for 17 weeks, I can’t put too much stock in the first two weeks. I am aware that there is a strong correlation between making it through to the beginning of Week 3 unscathed. Still, I would rather wait and see what happens. Last year, the Giants came out blazing. They blasted through the early part of their schedule and won a tough game in Philadelphia with a sudden death pass to Plaxico Burress. Those two early wins did not translate into a great season and it didn’t preclude this team from falling apart at the seams. It’s a long season and no one gives hardware for getting to 2-0.

NFL Lines For Week 3 – NFL Football Line Week Three
NFL Game Lines 9/23 – 9/24, 2007

Date & Time Favorite Line Underdog Total
9/23 1:00 ET Indianapolis -6.5 At Houston 47
9/23 1:00 ET San Diego -5.5 At Green Bay 43
9/23 1:00 ET At Kansas City -3 Minnesota 33.5
9/23 1:00 ET At Philadelphia -5.5 Detroit 44
9/23 1:00 ET At New England -16.5 Buffalo 41
9/23 1:00 ET At NY Jets -3 Miami 35.5
9/23 1:00 ET At Pittsburgh -9.5 San Francisco 38
9/23 1:00 ET At Baltimore -7.5 Arizona 35.5
9/23 1:00 ET At Tampa Bay -3.5 St. Louis 38
9/23 4:05 ET At Denver -3.5 Jacksonville 35.5
9/23 4:05 ET At Seattle -3 Cincinnati 50
9/23 4:05 ET At Oakland -3 Cleveland 40.5
9/23 4:15 ET Carolina -4 At Atlanta 37
9/23 4:15 ET At Washington -3.5 NY Giants 41
9/23 8:15 ET At Chicago -3 Dallas 41

Monday Night Football Line

9/24 8:30 ET At New Orleans -4 Tennessee 45.5

Not a lot of story this week…just a lotta pickin’.

Colts 23, Texans 19. Another close one for the Colts. The familiarity and the hunger of the Texans will make this a close game.

Will the real San Diego Chargers please stand up? If they don’t, they’ll lose this game. If Favre (the NeoConservative version) was leading the Bears in Week 1, they walk all over the Chargers. Green Bay’s defense looked good against the Giants – and the Chargers don’t feature a wide receiver capable of garnering more than an occasional glance from a safety. The Packers should be able to focus on LT and Antonio Gates. Chargers 31, Packers 23. So what. Good NFC teams don’t usually beat top AFC teams even when they’re pulling a Namath – struh-guh-linnng.

Vikings 31, Chiefs 10. Too much rush defense from Minny. A hard hitting CB like Winfield eliminates all of the passing options that are not erased by Darren Sharper. If it’s close, it will only be because the game is at Arrowhead. Vikes big – especially if Adrian Peterson gets going early.

The Lions don’t usually games unless the element of surprise is on their side. Too many people are picking the Lions to win this game. This franchise can’t stand prosperity. I expect lots of screens and draws from Andy Reid trying to neutralize the Lions powerful D-line. Philly snaps out of the doldrums in a tight one. Eagles 23, Lions 20.

Patriots 38, Bills 14.

Rivalry games are always tough to call because records, injuries, and “hot play” are all irrelevant. Still, the Jets have looked better than the Dolphins and are slight favorites. They are playing at home. I still don’t know if they cover. Jets 28, Dolphins 27. I like Trent Green to get untracked today.

Steelers 49, 49ers 3.

Matt Leinart will be in school this afternoon. His instructors will be surly and dismissive. Body Slam 101 will be taught by Professors Lewis, Reed and Gregg. If ever there was a day to play hooky, it’s today. I like the Ravens by a slim margin. Ravens 17, Cardinals 13. I wish I could see all the pre-game love for the Hurricane reunion of Ray Lewis, Edgerrin James and Ed Reed.

If the Rams are as bad as they usually are, the Bucs should roll in this game. A little sunshine should go a long way. Buccaneers 41, Rams 28. If Galloway could do it last week, he should be able to do it this week. The Rams defense lacks punch and the Bucs should be able to run and pass effectively.

In what promises to be one of the more hard hitting games all day, the Broncos take on the Jaguars. I like the Broncos and Jay Cutler to have a nice game. Scoring should still be tough to come by. Broncos 22, Jaguars 16.

Cincinnati should put up a bunch against Seattle. The problem is they’ll probably give up more. I don’t like either of these teams. I like the 49ers to win the West and I think Cincy will be 3rd in the AFC North. The Bengals are on the ropes. Seattle is at home. Seahawks 30, Bengals 28.

The Browns will not find it so easy to score against the Raiders. Raiders 20, Browns 14.

Panthers big. Panthers 40, Falcons 17.

I like Jason Campbell – always have. Foreskins 24, G-men 20.

I like Chicago over Dallas (so does Jimmy Johnson). Bears 13, Cowboys 10.

New Orleans cannot stop the run. That’s no way to beat the Titans. Titans 24, Saints 17.

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