Former “Honorary White” Arrested in Vegas

Orenthal James Simpson, poster boy for white supremacy, has been arrested in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS — Police arrested O.J. Simpson on Sunday, saying he was part of an armed group who burst into a Las Vegas hotel room and snatched memorabilia that documented his own sports career, long ago eclipsed by scandal.

The arrest starts a new legal odyssey for the fallen football star who more than a decade ago was acquitted of the slayings of his ex-wife and a friend, and opens the possibility he could spend decades behind bars.

Some intimate reflections on The Juice from back in the day:

Personally, I haven’t considered him to be Black (politically or culturally) since the late 1960’s. I don’t mean that as a value judgment, but as a statement on his revealed preferences as I understood them. In other words, “You are who you say you are.” You are neither what other people call you nor are you what people perceive you to be. On that basis, OJ ceased to be Black (capital B) a long time ago. And he was granted “honorary white” status like Sidney Poitier, James Earl Jones, Ben Vereen, Sammy Davis, Jr. and so many other supremely talented persons. I am not arguing the extent to which those persons accepted or rejected that status. It was also extended to Harry Belafonte. He, being of sound mind and body, has flatly rejected the invitation.

I never “accepted” OJ back into the fold, but I didn’t want to see a PHENOTYPICAL CONVICTION of the ORIGINAL JUICE – the one who was born Black and grew up poor in Portero Hill in San Francisco. If he was to be convicted, I wanted the honorary white OJ to be convicted…the one with the blond girlfriends and the Playboy mansion parties and the accoutrements of his “new world.” I wanted the OJ represented by F. Lee Bailey and Robert Shapiro to be convicted – if it came to that…BUT – when Time Magazine decided to darken his image, it was on. There could be no mistaking the psychological, unspoken fuel to the fire – and that was unacceptable.

He should have been depicted in the look that brought him into “white” homes in the first place…Strong, athletic, attractive, charming, etc…You know – that same clean-shaven, clean cut USC COOKIE CUTTER LOOK that is currently rocked by Lynn Swann, Ronnie Lott, Marcus Allen and – damn…some Black folk do look alike. Anyway…

When Johnny Cochrane became his lead attorney, the case ceased to be about the honorary white…it became, for me, about Johnny Cochrane and his defense of people like Geronimo Pratt…Black people. And the national reaction to the BETRAYAL of an honorary white stepping out with such ingratitude for all the gifts and money and affection and pussy that had been bestowed upon him was unprecedented. That’s not an OJ I could be concerned about. The trial, for me, was about the conviction of his phenotype. The nation, generally speaking, did not seek to convict the OJ they’d converted…they sought to convict the OJ they embraced. The OJ they embraced was on trial – not the one they converted.

Simply, he is not mine to welcome home. He has another mother and father now – and he will always belong to them.


OJ has enduring value in America. He is name is still mentioned whenever white folks find themselves on the losing side of a debate with Black folks. ESPN’s Eric Kuselias raised the spectre of the Juice in weighing the public perception and animus toward Barry Bonds. For Kuselias, a new Greco-modern white supremacist, Bonds was synonymous with OJ because he was “guilty” of something…something that the State of California could not prove in 1995 or in 2005…something nefarious…something dastardly.

Bill Maher, HBO’s reigning liberal white supremacist, invoked the cutting, slashing juice in his recent conversation with Mos Def and Cornel West. After being ceremoniously undressed by Mos on the far-ranging topic of white supremacy, Maher retreated to the inner recesses of his psyche and emerged with a knife and a bloody glove. Curiously though, he didn’t come out with Mark Fuhrman.

OJ Simpson has provided me with more comedic relief over the past 13 years than any comic actor other than David Chappelle. White America has their panties in the tightest collective bunch in history. Since every Black man represents “OJ the convicted” and not “OJ the acquitted,” I have to get my laughs in when I can. It would be great to see him beat this rap…I wonder who he’ll get for legal counsel. 🙂


  1. wow, I really feel that sentence. thanks for clarifying Maher’s role, too… I’m starting to feel that way about my former anti-mainstream news hero Jon Stewart…

  2. Folks want to have it both ways…

    I remember when OJ was playing that “fool” Nordgard in those Naked Gun movies. When he was a black-face buffoon, he was cool. Well, now folks need to understand that he’s just like Michael Douglas’ character in Falling Down.

    He’s an Angry Honorary White and he’s not going to take it anymore. White folks should be applauding his ass. He has all the righteous indignation that these folks should be so familiar with.

    As for Stewart, I don’t watch him frequently enough to comment – but I believe that if people are not vigilant in opposing racism, they tend toward the international cultural default of “white supremacy.” So, if Stewart tends toward Maher-itaville, it’s not surprising.

  3. my opinion, America puts it’s professional & maybe top college athletes on too high a pedestle….at the same time, they snatch back any praise of “black” atheletes with the quickness, should these men/women do what most humans do: Err

    When’s the last time we heard the primetime news story of the white NHL player who beats his wife, or the NASCAR driver who evades his taxes…heck some of them host or bet on cock-fights, but they’re not slandered by the mainstream media racists.
    I digress…

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