Early Thoughts on Chargers-Patriots

Jamal Williams has to be the best nose tackle in the NFL.

The Chargers are not as good as last year. Philip Rivers does not look good. He looks tentative and out of rhythm.

Brady looks great. Randy Moss is the truth.

If the Chargers want to justify their shiny new uniforms, they better get cracking.

Vincent Jackson didn’t look ready to play last week against the Bears. The Patriots won’t help you “get right.”

LaDainian Tomlinson was quoted as saying the Chargers would beat the Patriots nine times of every ten games. It’s looking like 8.

It’s still early. Rivers getting his act together is the key…and then running with LT.

I wonder if Antonio Gates can get away from Adalius Thomas. I hope so – I could use the points.


If you’re a Charger fan, you’re probably scratching your head. The Patriots have the best offense and defense in the league. Don’t scratch too hard.


A little hyperbole from ESPN’s Len Pasquarelli:

“Had the Patriots played with much more focus or emotion — or, hey, been allowed to steal the San Diego defensive signals — there is no telling how bad a beat-down New England would have administered. It was bad enough as it was, with the Pats piling it on a San Diego club reputed to possess the NFL’s best and deepest roster, but one that was overmatched from the outset Sunday night, and which has struggled in both outings so far this season.”

Now, now Lenny! Does anyone really believe that. Since the additions of Thomas, Moss, Welker, Stallworth and Washington, it would be easier to find Osama bin-Laden than a person who believes the Chargers have a better and deeper roster than the Patriots. The Chargers don’t even have an elite wide receiver. With that said, if anyone is able to introduce Vincent Jackson to each of his 10 fingers, this team could be much tougher. The Chargers are a long way from where they were last year because the Patriots are so much better than they were last year.

No one adds a Hall-of-Fame wide receiver and an elite defensive player without improving. When you add role players with blazing speed and mesmerizing agility (did you see Wes Welker last night?), you have a recipe for rings. Last year’s Charger team probably would not have struggled with the Bears. This team is still a Norv in process. At the end of the season, the Bolts may resemble the team that Marty Schottenheimer brought within a few brain freezes of the championship game. Until then, prepare to witness the growing pains of an elite team in search of itself.



  1. I think it’s their talent showing. For the first time, they have more talent than every team on their schedule. And, there is enough tension between them and the Chargers from last season to keep NYC in lights for 10 years. Moss and Stallworth (oh, if he could actually CATCH) are making life so easy for Brady.

  2. If these guys stay healthy, you can hand out the trophy now. No one can deal with Moss – and if you pay him too much attention, they’ll pick you apart and run it down your throat.

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