Abe Foxman Calls for Repudiation of Patriots Coach Bill Belichick

September 12 (BP) New York – World famous repudiator of all things worthy of repudiation has called for all organizations with a desire for social control to denounce Bill Belichick, coach of the New England Patriots. The franchise has been cited by the National Football League for violating prohibitions governing the use of video recorders on sidelines during games. Foxman, longtime head of the Anti-Defamation League, is a committed influence peddler according to respective sources. “Foxman uses incendiary comments to inflame tensions,” said one noted author on condition of anonymity.


At a press conference held in downtown Brooklyn this morning, Foxman blared, “I call on all people of good will and local, national and international organizations to repudiate this evil man, this adulterer, this cheater. He masquerades as a coach and as a leader of men. He is a false prophet – a minister in the Church of Hip Hop and he must be stopped. The New England Patriots must also atone for their sins and fire head coach Bill Belichick. For his sins, he should be ostracized by all of us who reject his brand of illegitimacy.” Foxman also declared he had preliminary conversations with Patriots team owner Bob Kraft about towing the line. Kraft was not available for comment.

A stunned press corps listened in silence. Foxman rambled on calling Belichick one of “the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse” along with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, Operation PUSH founder, the Reverend Jesse Louis Jackson and former Presidential Candidate Reverend Al Sharpton. Foxman is seeking a high level ecumenical meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. There were rumblings at the press conference today about extending invitations to PETA and the Humane Society of the United States.

Confidential sources in the league office were quoted as saying, “We have no intention of meeting with the crazy loon. Our individual AIPAC contributions are well documented. We’ve outlined a clear censure for Coach Belichick and the Patriots franchise. Does he think we’re Black Democrats or something?” Commissioner Goodell was not available for comment.

The New England Patriots are scheduled to play the San Diego Chargers this Sunday. In last year’s American Conference Championship game, the Patriots defeated the heavily favored Chargers in San Diego by a score of 24-21. No allegations of foul play have surfaced in this game where oddsmakers predicted the San Diego team would win by more than a touchdown.

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  1. Location, Location, Location

    It is amazing how poor readers still like to write. If you were to educate yourself, you’d know that the NFL permits video taping (filming, polaroids, use of binoculars) by the teams to glean information about each other. Read all about it, it’s in the rule book. There are restrictions as to where you can be when you do the recording, and a Patriots employee was in a non-authorized location on Sunday. That’s the entire issue here: an employee’s location. Every team studies every other team every week. Did you really not know this?

  2. Yeah, I knew it. I’m bashing BB for the hell of it. Thanks for playing the feud. Check out Jeremy Green’s column on ESPN Insider. It’s an excellent synopsis of the entire process.

    Those who miss satire should retire.

    Cognition, cognition, cognition.

  3. The pro Palestinians US Policy & the Arab oil lobby

    Why do Arabists propagandists keep talking about “pro Israel” US policy?

    Not any other nation, was and is so active in attempting to create a ‘Palestinian’ state [even though there was never an Arab sovereign state in Israel ‘palestine’, in history.

    Tell me one Arab country that was so much on behalf of a ‘Palestinian’ state, not to mention that ‘Palestinian plight’ is mainly [1] due to the Arab leaders’ behavior since 1948 of playing with this Arab population [that are refered to as “Palestinians” since the 1960’s], it’s historical terrible “interset” in keeping them in shambles, as a cynical propaganda tool against Israel, and [2] their own self destructive hatred & Jihad.

    Sure the most powerful lobby in America, the Arab Saudi oil is pushing to that too, yet it’s US’ will to go ahead with it , especially in a clear goal to eradicate another one of Jihadists’ favorite excuses in their war on the infidels, that goes on with or without excuses anyway.

    Or is it that supporting ALSO Israel is still not “good enough” in anti Israel bigots of the fascists in the Arab Muslim world?


    ‘supporting Israel’ means, shielding it’s innocent citizens from genocide by “good tolerant neighbors”.

  4. You’ve clearly had too much Kool Aid. Your comment is full of references to irrelevant paradigms which have been spoon fed to the masses.

    Seriously…keep it real. Everyone knows Arab nation states give two shits about Palestinians and everyone knows the US only support Israeli policy to the extent that it aligns to regiional energy interests – or they should know it.

    So, what in the hell are you talking about. Honestly, keep it moving. Your post is so 70’s. Post a picture of yourself in a mullet standing between Jimmy Carter and Menachem Begin – then I’ll know how you really feel.

    Arab propagandists. That’s some really funny stuff. If you want to support settler colonial regimes which relocate indigenous populations, have at it…knock yourself out – but don’t try to make an issue born around the time of the Balfour Declaration about contemporary jihadists. That’s just sloppy.

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