2007 NFL Season

Predictions for the season are coming…first things first.

Tonite’s game: Indianapolis 38, New Orleans 24.

Since I picked the Saints to win 10 games LAST YEAR and they won 10 games, I’m not jumping on the bandwagon – and I’m not jumping off. I like the Saints to do some things. I don’t believe they’ll beat the fine-tuned Colts tonite…and I’m surprised that folks have already forgotten how the Colts defense won games for them at the BEGINNING of last season. Remember those narrow escapes against the Titans and Bills? While the offense struggled to find itself, Bob Sanders and company were smashing folks. The Colts started 9-0. Not too shabby.

Alright, Olindo is ready!!



  1. A little easier than I expected – but the fundamentals are there…lotta two tight end formations (with Clarke all over the place and always in position to run routes or block downfield) and lots of running plays with Addai as teams pick their poison. The Saints were manhandled the same way the Chiefs, Ravens, Patriots (second half) and Bears were…no shame in that – is there?

  2. Good call. Not too surprising a result yesterday, though – the reality is the Colts are a regular season machine, and the only question is whether they will be slowed down in the postseason. The only reason I didn’t put them down for a 14-2 season is that they have some serious competition in their schedule starting at midseason, and they do have some flaws. But I think 10-12 wins is a lock.

  3. If I wanted to beat the Colts, I’d do what the Chargers and Steelers did. I’d attack with a 3-4 and be damn sure I had an outside linebacker that could stand up offensive linemen. The Chargers have Merriman…check. The Steelers had Porter and I suspect they’ll ask the strongest pound-for-pound guy on the team James Harrison to do that this year. The Patriots have Adalius Thomas…check. I don’t believe you can beat their schemes with a 4-3 – and if you can’t stuff the run with 7, you’re done. Only a couple of teams in this league can stop the run with 7 – and the RAVENS and BEARS are NOT two of those teams. Should be an interesting season.

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