Koreans Get Eviction Notice

Taliban tells South Korea, “Get the fuck out. And stay out!!” Korea says, “Okay, okay, don’t push. We’re leaving.” Boy, that missionary work sure is peligroso.



KABUL (Reuters) – Nineteen newly-freed South Korean hostages flew
out of the Afghan capital on Friday after a six-week kidnap drama
following a deal with Taliban insurgents critics fear could spur more

The South Korean Christian volunteers, part of a group of 23
missionaries kidnapped in southeast Afghanistan in mid-July, left Kabul
on a chartered United Nations plane bound for Dubai en route to Seoul,
a Korean embassy official said.

and this interesting tidbit:

“Foreign media was barred from talking to the hostages in line with South Korean government policy”

and this (Hit the Bricks, Buddy….tell you’re story walkin’!!):
“The Taliban agreed to release the remaining hostages after Seoul agreed
to pull all its nationals out of the central Asian country.”

and it seems that not everyone has lost their minds – contrast this assessment of what will ensue in Korea with how this will be portrayed in most MSM outlets:

“The freed hostages are expected to face a cool reception at home.

Some South Koreans say the group are partly to blame after they
ignored their government’s own advice not to travel to areas where the
Taliban are active.”



And, here they come…


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  1. You’re gonna have to work those issues out. What’s your actual beef anyway? Are you thinking about linking the Taliban to 9/11 or something crazy like that? Are you pissed that they shut down your heroin shipments? Are you pissed that they pimped slapped the Russians before the US did? What’s the real issue? Holla back.

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