Crossed SWORDS – Robot Soldiers in Iraq

Back in 2005, the BBC ran this piece about Robot Soldiers being deployed in Iraq.Foster-Miller, the firm which developed these machines, has received a ton of new orders lately. The cash pile is growing with every Iraqi corpse. War is a beautiful thing. Foster-Miller is the Baby Bear. QinetiQ is the Papa Bear.

background on the Papa Bear firm: QinetiQ Roots. They have 5,000 engineers and a Board of Directors with guess who – George Tenet!!! You think all of those Brits on the Board are conflicted about killing Iraqis as a prelude to killing Iranians and restoring the former BP – the former British Petroleum – the former Anglo-Iranian Oil Company to its former station as arbiter of all that is green, gold and black in the desert? Not a chance. Thank god for subsidiaries.

the Baby Bear firm:

“Foster-Miller, Inc., is a technology and product development company with an international reputation for delivering and supporting innovative products and systems that perform under the most demanding conditions. Our TALON robots and LAST Armor are both used worldwide to better protect our armed forces. Principally located in suburban Boston, MA, on Rte. 95, “America’s Technology Highway” we also have offices in Washington, DC and Albany, NY. Our firm was founded in 1956 by three graduates of MIT who believed there was a need for a company that could solve clients’ difficult technical problems through first-class analysis and design.We are certified to Aerospace Quality Management Standard AS9100 and have SW-CMM Level 3 software certification from the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

Our staff includes 300 engineers, scientists and support personnel with backgrounds in a cross section of technical disciplines and professional services. We structure our projects using multi-disciplinary teams of the in-house experts best able to solve the problem at hand. Our staff produces creative and practical solutions to real-world problems, always working in concert with the client. We are best known for taking our innovations from concept through production and field support.”

the shooter:


the head of the hired guns:

Sir John Chisholm Sir John Chisholm
Sir John became the Chairman of QinetiQ in 2005, after transforming the company in his time as its Chief Executive. He is widely credited with turning the organisation from a collection of research laboratories into a successful commercial business which floated on the London Stock Exchange in February 2006. A Cambridge graduate, Sir John’s career took flight when he formed CAP Scientific Ltd, which grew rapidly to become a core part of the CAP Group plc. He is the immediate past president of the IET and holds a number of Fellowships, including the Royal Academy of Engineering, and became Chairman of the Medical Research Council in October 2006. He was knighted in 1999.

clipped from
The US military is planning to deploy robots armed with machine-guns to wage war against insurgents in Iraq.
Eighteen of the 1m-high robots, equipped with cameras and operated by remote control, are going to Iraq this spring, the Associated Press reports.
The machine is based on a robot already used by the military to disable bombs.
Unlike its human counterparts, the armed robot does not require food, clothing, training, motivation or a pension.
When not needed in war, it can be mothballed in a warehouse.
According to Bob Quinn, a manager with Foster-Miller, the US-based company which worked with the military to develop the robot, the only difference for a soldier is that “his weapon is not at his shoulder, it’s up to half a mile away”.
The robot fighter has been named Swords, after the acronym for Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection Systems.

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And then there’s George Tenet, making that smooth transition from public to private sector:

board_of_directorspar0014imagenormal.gif “George Tenet was sworn in as the 18th director of Central Intelligence in July 1997, and under presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush led efforts to rebuild and modernise the CIA’s capacity to acquire, analyse and disseminate critical intelligence information. Prior to this appointment he held the positions of CIA deputy director and acting director.

Other senior posts held during Tenet’s distinguished career in US federal government include staff director of the Senate Committee on Intelligence and membership of the National Security Council. He is currently a professor at Washington’s Georgetown University, a board director of Guidance Software Inc and L-1 Identity Solutions and sits on the advisory board of The Analysis Corporation.

Tenet was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States’ highest civilian honour, in December 2004. He has received numerous foreign decorations, being the first American to receive the Egyptian Order of Merit (First Class) and the first non-Canadian to be awarded the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Gold Medal.”

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