Shake Up in Japan

The political and financial leadership of Japan are changing. This appears little more than reshuffling the same band of thieves (suicide watch continues). It is not insignificant that the Attorney General and the Finance Minister in two or the world’s great powers are leaving office at the same time.

clipped from
Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) — Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
replaced his finance minister and gave the No. 2 post in the
ruling Liberal Democratic Party to ally Taro Aso to rebuild a
party routed in Upper House elections last month.
Abe today reshuffled his Cabinet and top party positions to
win back public trust after three ministers resigned and another
committed suicide over money scandals and inappropriate remarks.
Abe’s approval ratings fell to as low as 22 percent after the
government said it mismanaged 50 million pension records,
possibly resulting in millions of dollars in unpaid benefits.
He appointed Fukushiro Nukaga to replace Finance
Minister Koji Omi. Nobutaka Machimura, 62, becomes foreign
minister, replacing Aso, who takes over as the LDP’s secretary
Nukaga, 63, resigned from two previous government posts
over allegations of bribery. He made no admittance of wrongdoing
at the time and sent a letter of apology

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