Patrick Buchanan: Three Wars, Three Lies, One Empire

The American Cause website has an article on the causes of World War II which makes points that I never read in my school books. It seems that many of the motive forces for Japan’s military engagements in the 1940’s were set in motion decades earlier. According to Buchanan, ideologies like fascism had nothing to do with the causes of US military engagement in WWII. Interesting.

General Norman Schwarzkopf, in the documentary film “The Final Battle” asserted that the US position with respect to the Japanese was little more than propaganda. Similar attempts at national vilification were introduced prior to this recent engagement in Iraq. Saddam Hussein, former ally and recipient of American chemical weapons (during his 8 year war with Iran), has been assassinated at the behest of his former partners in crime. Are the Chinese next?

Are the current battles in Iraq, Iran, Ethiopia and Sudan the “motive forces” for Chinese military engagement in a decade or two? How long will the Chinese play the energy resource-currency game with the United States?


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