US Declares War on Iran

$20 Billion to your neighbors.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice formally announced today that
the United States intends to provide billions of dollars in military
assistance to six Gulf states, Egypt and Israel to boost security against Iran.

made the announcement hours before she and Defense Secretary Robert M.
Gates left the United States to travel to the Middle East, where they
will meet Arab and Israeli leaders to discuss the arms packages, worth
an estimated $20 billion, as well as efforts to stabilize Iraq and possibilities for generating new movement in the Arab-Israeli peace process.


Saudi Arabia would receive the most military assistance, including
upgrades to its fighters, new naval vessels, and Joint Direct Attack
Munitions, which turn standard bombs into “smart” precision-guided
bombs. To shore up two other allies in the region, the Bush
administration also plans to finalize new military assistance
agreements to provide $30 billion in U.S. aid to Israel and $13 billion
to Egypt over 10 years, U.S. officials say.

In a conference call
with reporters this morning, Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns
insisted that Iran was only one factor in the new agreements, saying
that it reflected broad U.S. strategic interests in the region. “The
primary rationale,” Burns said, “is to strengthen [U.S. partners] so
they can be strong all issues important to them and to us.”

Phase II of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company Reclamation Project is underway.

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  1. Oil Hits All-Time High Amid Peaking Supplies, Soaring Demand August 2, 2007

    Waning global production, geopolitical fears, push crude to historic heights. “Welcome to peak oil,” one expert says….Longer term, the bleak logic of peak oil, which promises continuing declines in petroleum output for decades,has led some analysts to declare the coming end of the oil age and the energy-intensive way of life that goes with it.James Howard Kunstler, author of “The Long Emergency”, says the oil crunch could threaten the stability of the global financial system that owes its existence to oil-driven economic growth.

    “Perhaps the most imminent danger,” he said in a recent blog, “is that the financial markets, which have been driving our insane, hollowed-out economy, will soon recognize what’s in store and implode, creating a crisis of capital that will leave us with no ability to make any emergency investments.”

    Think about it next time some more major shit fails….,

    The sudden unexpected collapse of the interstate bridge in Minneapolis, a similar collapse a year ago of an overpass in the Montreal metro area, the easy rupturing of the levees in New Orleans a couple of years ago, the blackouts in the northeast a year before, chronic roiling failure of the St. Louis power grid and lack of maintenance in the damns causing mass flooding with casualties in eastern Missouri — are these just part of the normal rate at which these events occur, or are they actually early signs of what will become increasingly common scenes, as maintenance of an aging North America infrastructure becomes increasingly unaffordable and impossible to keep up?

    Think about that shit man…, what you wanna do? What you want the ruthless alpha males at the helm to do?

  2. Sounds like it is time to buy a farm with access to water and lots of armaments. The contradictions can only continue for so long. I suspect, though, that if I were of a “Trilateral Mind,” my work-around on this would call for a few things:

    1) the election of a female Democrat to the White House OR a kinder, gentler man…Iran, then Sudan, then Nigeria, then Venezuela – and the walls come tumblin’ tumblin’ – this is our country – jack and diane, yadda, yadda yadda.

    2) the use of elite commands and modified/limited nuke strike forces – try out some new toys – depose a few regimes on the QT – snatch up some reserves – push the envelope with China, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    3) rebuilding some infrastructure in important political states – keeping a few folks happy – live with the collateral damage – and talk about “how deeply and truly saddened I am.”

    Since no one is counting M-3 anymore, there is enough “money” to do whatever needs to be done. And, the more reserves I tap into in addition to Saudi Arabia, the more countries have to hold dollars to get oil…and they can’t transition off of oil so easily so…The key would be to keep speculators and the public from panicking about energy or mortgage rates or foreclosures – enter the MSM.

    Peak oil? What peak oil? Global warming? What global warming? The Jedi Mind Trick can work for at least another 3,000 years with the American public. Remember HL Mencken and PT Barnum? Zactly.

    Besides, it stuff gets too tight, we can always increase the burden on Black folk by increasing their unemployment rates – and if it gets really tight, we can pull out Ben Wattenburg to shame all the white women into staying home to make babies – only this time, it won’t be Wattenburg it will be an anti-Angelina: a young white actress who doesn’t want to ADOPT in Africa – but who wants to have wittle awyan babies righchere in the good ‘ol U-S of A.

  3. wait, where’s the illegal non-citizen mexican figure into your alphahelm calculus of Oz-ymandean governance?

    more importantly, what you say do?

  4. Sounds like it is time to buy a farm with access to water and lots of armaments. In a worst case scenario, the most important things would be access to water (and the capacity to protect it), the capacity to grow food, and the capacity to travel (using non-traditional routes).

    To maximize the capacity to do each of these, the optimal course of action would be CHARTERS – I knew we’d get back to that – for a community of like-minded folk to “huddle up” and spread out together.

  5. Oh Lawd! We phukkin around in the desert, and Russia done claimed the North Pole!!!

    But yesterday’s scientific achievement of dropping a titanium capsule containing the Russian flag on to the seabed could not conceal the political advantage gained by Mr Putin. Once again, he has demonstrated to the West Russia’s determination to expand its energy empire.

  6. Honestly, I believe the US is hedging its bets on the currency angle and that won’t be sufficient. The Russians, Chinese and Indians are not going to go quietly into that good night. They’re not all going to back down and bitch up. The US and India just inked a nuclear energy deal, so there is a collaboration on some level – but that’s not a “final solution” for either nation. The Empire won’t be striking back anytime soon.

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