Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf/Chris Jackson II

Ed hit me up with a comment on my Chris Jackson/MAR post from awhile back. He mentioned that there was some video on YouTube. Thank goodness. I had to check it out for myself. In this first video, which I believe must have been from 1996, MAR goes off on the Bulls and the Nuggets break their 18-game winning streak. Some juveniles over at YouTube were under the impression that Michael Jordan could have enjoyed some success guarding MAR…not a chance. The NBA and David Stern should say a prayer every night thanking their white supremacist stars that a conscious Black man with that level of skill was slowed by Tourette’s Syndrome. For the league, there was no question that MAR posed a challenge to the Empire and his steadfast refusal to bow down was an occasion for relocation. If his level of performance forced a reckoning of the questions raised by his actions, it would be a different day in the league right now. The disease did what no man could do. Jordan was helpless. The same would have been true of Joe Dumars and all of the other elite defenders the league could summon. That’s another post for another time.

As you can see in the video, Jordan starts out on MAR. I can’t tell if that was the result of switching during the game. That Nugget team, if I remember correctly, still had Todd Lichti (man, he could ball before the injury), Bryant Stith, LaPhonso Ellis, Dikembe [Fill in Five Names Here] Mutombo, and some other nice complementary players. Jordan couldn’t keep up. It was worse with Steve Kerr. Ron Harper even had a taste.

Today’s point guards would have to head for the hills if they saw this guy coming. In the gym range, super quicks, deft passing and an air tight handle spell D-O-O-M.

Quick Release 101

Baton Rouge 1 – check out the rip off the dribble at 1:18!

Baton Rouge 2 – The Repertoire

Floating one hander in traffic at :31

Reverse spin dribble pull up at :37

I can’t tell you what happens at :45

Jab step from HELL at 1:02

Alley at 1:15


  1. Thing about it was, If I recall correctly MAR credited Tourettes for helping make him the player he was/is. I guess it was like OCD in that he had to keep shooting shots over and over again until something flipped the switch in his brain that he had done it right.

  2. i NEED the two games on youtube in their entierty.

    the one against the bulls and the one against golden state where cj was on FIRE.

    anyone know where to find these games on dvd?

  3. Absolutely, one of the “Greatest” if not the greatest talents to come along in the history of hoops. Not to take anything away from the likes of B. Russell, Dr. J, Magic, Pistol and M. Jordan…pound for pound, no question. The Greatest. End of Story.

  4. I have loved Chris/MAR since 1991. You just rekindled something in me. He is inspirational and a great player. Damn near unstoppable.

  5. Thanks. Maybe more folks will think of him in light of Josh Howard’s recent comments. Either way, he was the man. They still haven’t invented the player who could guard him.

  6. If you youtube search chris Jackson vs philadelphia, detriot, Tennessee there are more highlights on there. Also search on youtube Denver Nuggets vs Spurs 95′ and Nuggets vs Utah playoffs you can catch some highlights there as well.

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