Commoditized Memories

When I hear the words “Never Forget,” I instinctively think of the Nazi Holocaust to exterminate European Jews during World War II.  My remembrances are specific, but not locked there.  This remembrance triggers recollections of other incidents of “man’s inhumanity to man.”  My recall of those events, however, is a more conscious activity.  It is an active remembering because none of the world’s other genocides have been granted as much currency as that in Nazi Germany. 

I did a quick search for the term using Google and came across this web site for personal reminder software.  The site is  I will be interested to know what type of success this firm enjoys.  I am also curious to know if a day will come when they will be forced to change their name. 

These two words have a special significance to millions of people around the world.  Whether you are recalling Maafa (the African Holocaust of Enslavement), the Rape of Nanking, the Trail of Tears, the Bombing of Black Wall Street, “September 11th”, 100 days in Rwanda or the internment of US citizens of Japanese ancestry during World War II, your recollections could come to be associated with this tool for sending birthday cards.

That’s not such a pleasant thought.

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