Lock That Ass Up

Admittedly, the United States Congress is full of posers, but some administration staffers have probably gone too far.  As with all mendacious (criminal to the nth) enterprises, loyalty is critical.  Scooter put down the paradigm.  His followers are legion.

July 25 (Bloomberg) — A House panel cited President George
W. Bush’s top aide and former counsel for contempt of Congress
over their refusal to cooperate with an investigation of the
dismissal of nine U.S. attorneys.

The Democratic-controlled House Judiciary Committee, on a
22-17 party-line vote, approved citations against Joshua Bolten,
White House chief of staff, and former counsel Harriet Miers.
Bolten refused to turn over documents related to the dismissals,
and Miers disobeyed a subpoena to appear before the panel and
answer questions about her role in the firings.

The issuance of contempt citations, which also requires
approval by the full House of Representatives, would escalate the
dispute between Bush and Congress over the president’s assertion
of executive privilege to forbid testimony by his aides.

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