Barack Obama has “Problems”

Did you know that the Presidential candidate from Illinois has:

I’m sure there are others.  I’m willing to bet that he even has A Nigger You Love to Hate Problem.  From his perspective, it’s just great he doesn’t have A Fundraising Problem.

By the way, Barack never had a “Black Enough Problem.”  The question was posed, but no one ever got around to framing it, specifically, as a “Black Enough Problem.”  Now ain’t that peculiar.

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  1. Great post. Putting all of those “problem” pieces in a list like that says volumes. Think they all got the same talking points?

  2. I’m sure there is some overlap. If you look online, the sphere believes Hillary has more than a few problems as well. There’s the Bubba Problem, the Corruption Problem, the I’m Boring as Hell Problem, the I’m Really a War Hawk Problem, the Health Care Problem, the Electability Problem, and well, you see my point. Everyone has problems.

    This is an interesting way to frame an analysis of platforms. I don’t believe it’s particularly useful – especially this far away from an election.

  3. Yeah, for me he has a “gives me the willies problem”, don’t know why, maybe it’s instinct…….then again, by now, Bush should have awakened all of us…..I don’t care who they either party (same side of the same coin) and both want the North American Union…from now on I ONLY vote Independent..PERIOD..and I like your post too….n

  4. Obamas real problem is his holding hands with Chicago Mayor Richard Daly and Illinois governor beBlagosbitch, the two biggest crooks in the state of Illinois.

  5. all the problems that Obama has is nothing compared to the problems of scum bag George W. . a neo-con right wing SOB George W. Bush is worst than Obama.

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