CNN – Obama, Clinton and “Sudden Excitement”

“African-Americans might suddenly become excited by the prospect of nominating one of their own.”

CNN continues its descent as the least trusted name in news. Somehow or other, Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider ripped off this gem when discussing the prospect of Barack Obama’s appeal in South Carolina.

I could delve deeper into the implications of this statement, but a few broad strokes will do. Allusions to emotionalism, “racial” essentialism and political naivete are par for the course. CNN does business this way. Schneider implies a theory of “voter nullification,” which synchronizes endorsements for Barack Obama with the criminal acquittal of white America’s greatest gridiron star, Orenthal James Simpson. The “sudden excitement” of releasing “one of their own” ushered in an era of American introspection on the validity of the criminal justice system. So too will the prospect of “electing one of their own” usher in a new era of political staging for the Democratic Party.

“South Carolina primaries are all about the base. That’s true for both parties.




Final preparations are underway Sunday for the CNN/YouTube debate in Charleston, South Carolina.

For Republicans that means conservatives. It’s the conservative firewall state, where George W. Bush put out the John McCain brush fire in 2000.

For Democrats, it means African-Americans, who make up about half of the voters in the South Carolina Democratic primary. The main reason the Democratic Party is allowing South Carolina to hold an early primary is to give African-American voters a bigger voice.

As a result, South Carolina could be crucial in the selection of the Democratic nominee, just as it has been for Republicans for many years.”

There are a bevy of subliminal and subjective messages associated with the campaign of Barack Obama. Bill Schneider also found:

“African-Americans seem to worry more about Obama’s electability than Clinton’s. By more than two to one (63 to 29 percent), black Democrats say Clinton is more electable than Obama.”

The calculus of “sudden excitement” is probably a figment of Schneider’s imagination. It is no doubt shared by liberals inspired by the thought of Barack Obama as a running mate with the capacity to guarantee Black votes without actually leading the ticket. Fanciful imaginings have always defined relations between Black folk and white liberals. Misunderstanding and misgiving have often served as points of departure for frustrated liaisons. Schneider’s fixation on “sudden excitement” continues this tradition because he, like so many others, ignore the historical reality that Blacks voters actually EVALUATE candidate through the prism of their interests.

Given the fawning of the Democratic Party over conservative white Christians, Black voters have found themselves increasingly marginalized by the sudden excitement of converting liberals into “compassionate conservatives” in sheep’s clothing.

It’s your party, you can cry if you want to.


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