Crying Baby…what did you say?

Remember Priscilla Dunstan from the Oprah Winfrey Show?  Sure you do.  She says there are distinctive ways in which babies cry to indicate their specific needs.  With 6 week old twins, I’m going into full blown experimentation.  I’ll keep y’all posted. 

Here are the five “words” that Pricilla Dunstan says can be found in the cries of all newborn babies:

hungry” The “N” sound comes from the suckling reflex. The baby is
putting their tongue to the top of their mouth, like they do when they

“I’m sleepy”. This reflex sound is tied to the yawn reflex. 

uncomfortable”. This is the cry a baby makes when they are too warm,
too cold, need their diaper changed, or are otherwise “in distress”.

have lower gas.” This sound is a deeper cry than others – often
sounding like a grunt – and is sometimes accompanied by a drawing up of
the legs. This cry means the baby probably needs to have a bowel
movement, or has intestinal gas.

“I need to burp.” This is a reflex sound that a baby makes when it it trying to push air out of its stomach.

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  1. In all of recorded human history, this is the first person to figure out the five baby sounds? Unlikely.

    6 week old twins? whoa.

  2. So far, this is working out well. There are some times when it’s difficult (like when there are multiple factors – you can actually hear two types of crying). Pretty cool stuff.

  3. Still working!!
    Just got hit with the “Heh” cry indicating – “Damn, pops!! Mama has me in this hot ass 1-sie!! Help!!!”

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