Everyone Needs a Face Lift

Changing the look around these parts for a minute. I might be back in the mix in a minute. After that comedic debate last night and my daughter having a restful night’s sleep, I’m feeling the fire (like Peabo Bryson).

Democrats tried to play with your emotions? Nothing that they say stays in my head. I’m thinking about hosting an All-African Presidential Debate right here. We’re going to be asking those tough questions about agricultural subsidies, the G-7, trade and debt, security, child labor, resource exploitation and rendition that escaped most folks last night. Those questions will be followed up the new litmus test line of questioning on crystal meth vs. crack cocaine (isn’t powder played out?) and fiscal equity in education formulas (isn’t segregation vs. desegregation played out?). Man, if I just get some white kids to sit next to my keyboard…I’d be a better writer!

My face/blog is feeling Pharaoh-onic…feel the Phunk, baby!!


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