Twin Time in the Temple

Tomorrow is the delivery day.  It’s on.  Looking forward to arrival of little Temples 4 (girl) and 5 (boy).  The wife has never been bigger (though not at all fat – just yooge!).  She’s ready, I’m ready.  Our dog is ready.  Friends and family are ready.  The doctor is ready.  All I have to do is not drive like a maniac to the hospital and it should be all good.

And don’t expect a kinder, gentler dude when I get back -at least not online!


  1. I always wanted twins. You go temple3 and wife. You are going to have your hands full..enjoy

    All Blessings to your family

  2. They’re here…Mother and children are all good. Baby boy: 5 lbs. 11ozs.; Baby girl 5lbs, 1oz. All the fingers and toes – and all that jazz. Very excited time, very humbling.

  3. Thanks all. They should be home with mom on Saturday or Sunday. I’m going to start reading Crisis of the Negro Intellectual to them as soon as they get home 🙂

  4. Welcome to the world, oh Young twins!

    May your mother sing sweet songs of life to you…(because dad, ….well)

  5. apologies. i thought you’d send another post saying they were here….congratulations!! did they come on june 6 or june 5th? what names have you given them?

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