Looking for WMD in Manhattan

I’m good, but I can’t make this stuff up.

“Every weekday, at a secure commercial office building on Manhattan‘s East Side (my emphasis), a team of 20 U.N. experts on chemical and biological weapons pores over satellite images of former Iraqi weapons sites. They scour the international news media for stories on Hussein’s deadly arsenal. They consult foreign intelligence agencies on the status of Iraqi weapons. And they maintain a cadre of about 300 weapons experts from 50 countries and prepare them for inspections in Iraq — inspections they will almost certainly never conduct, in search of weapons that few believe exist.”

I know who has the best chance of uncovering something significant, but I won’t hold my breath.

I would like to know, though, if the US military could spare one or two folks IN IRAQ to look for those things that don’t really exist.  Honestly, by now, I thought the US would have brought some more chemical weapons over and planted them deep underground for a “Voila!!” moment.  Hasn’t happened yet.

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