Another NBA Gangster

Andrei Kirilenko has to be one of the most over-paid players in the NBA.  He’s pulling down $12m a year to turn the ball over every other trip down the floor.  He’s not rebounding or blocking shots with the consistency of years past.  He’s not even a reliable scorer from outside or in the post.  The Jazz are in desperate need of a two-guard to lighten the offensive load of Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer.  That great shooting guard will not show up tonite – and neither will Kirilenko.  The Jazz are done for this season  and will need to look at strengthening their offense and getting more bang for their buck by moving AK-47.  It’s time to move on.

If I’m Jerry Sloan, I’m only keeping one Kirilenko.


and, it ain’t the one with the shit-eating grin.



  1. Yeah he had a miserable series. Damn what a blowout. For such a reputedly amazing shot blocker, I was amazed at the impunity with which Parker and Ginobli got layups and floaters coming down the lane.

    On the other hand, sometimes when a team looks that flat, it’s really because of everything the other team is doing to throw them off their game and upset their balance. That is, the Spurs are frickin amazing right now. But I haven’t tracked the Jazz much this year, so I don’t really know. I do know that the Spurs are on a different plane altogether…just too deep, too fundamental, too smart, too many weapons, for any other team to handle, if you ask me. The Pistons are almost as rounded and defensively tight, but their offense has been stalling and Billups is all over the place lately. And the Cavs, well, come on. So to me, this season is looking like a wrap…

  2. Sup, Kai.

    I just said the same thing to a friend of mine. My simple take on the Pistons is that Billups is the only guy on their roster with a CONSISTENT willingness to take big shots and play in the post. Detroit’s bigs are all more comfortable on the perimeter. There other top guns are reluctant game winners at best: ‘Sheed, Prince, Webber, Rip – often defer to other players at crunch time even though any of them can get it done. Not so with the Spurs.

    San Antonio has four bona fide game winners: Duncan, Parker, Ginobli and Horry who WILL take and make any shot from anywhere on the floor against any opponent at the end of the shot clock or the end of a game. These guys don’t run from shots. They run to shots.

    And, that’s why Billups looks so “off” right now – because teams are figuring out what Popovich figured out in 2004. The Pistons don’t focus long enough to blow out mediocre teams – so all you need to do is put your best defender on Billups, trap him to get him to give up the ball – and force the Reluctant Rest to beat you in crunch time.

    ‘Sheed, Webber, Prince, Rip and McDyess have all won big games before, but Billups is the guy. I’ll take the Spurs and those 4-1 odds. The games will be close because the Pistons get stops – but they won’t pull it out unless some of there big men decide to hang out in the post for awhile and bump chests with Duncan and Oberto and Horry and Ginobli and Bowen and all the other Spurs who refuse to vacate the lane.

  3. Temple3,

    Yeah, I totally agree with your analysis. Billups is the Pistons key weapon. Their bigs all have their moments, and can make some highlights, but as you say it’s rare for them to sustain peak performance for any duration, and they are definitely reluctant down the stretch.

    So the Spurs just need to avoid letting Billups feast in the low post against Parker. Stick Bowen on his ass, that usually does the trick (Bowens is awesome). And if memory serves, this Spurs team has even more weapons than the last one which took the whole thing; Oberto has impressed me on both ends (graceless but effective), and when you’ve got the luxury of a seventh man like Findley, and a tenth man like Barry who just hangs out in the corners and strokes threes, well, this team can put up points against anyone.

    So I am glad we are decided. 😉

  4. AK’s a goner. Millsap (had him in my pool this season) can take his place (or at least be the first man off the bench) and they’ll pick up someone to compliment Deron and Boozer. Jazz’ll be a force next year, no doubt.

  5. Can you tell me what happened with Kirk Snyder? I thought he was going to be very effective with that team. I’ve only seen him play a handful of times. Why did they let him go when they desperately need a shooting guard who can also defend?

  6. This is obviously a white conspiracy aimed at keeping the black man down. Yep, that is the only explanation.

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