Why the Democrats Are Coal-Hearted Bastards, too.

The lesser of two evils concept gets a great deal of circulation among moderates and liberals who vote for Democrats in national elections. It is possible, however, that there is no such thing. It is possible that the game of politics and money has progressed so far that global citizens and the environment are in a greater state of peril than ever – and that neither party is an honest broker. If affirmative action is a bad thing for poor people, it’s certainly not a good thing for billion dollar corporations…and when corporations “ask taxpayers to underwrite” it means they’re simply paying the elected representatives of those taxpayers. It’s billionaires paying millionaires to appropriate pennies, nickels and dimes. Grand theft America.


clipped from www.nytimes.com
Coal companies are hardly alone in asking taxpayers to underwrite alternative fuels in the name of energy independence and reduced global warming. But the scale of proposed subsidies for coal could exceed those for any alternative fuel, including corn-based ethanol.
Among the proposed inducements winding through House and Senate committees: loan guarantees for six to 10 major coal-to-liquid plants, each likely to cost at least $3 billion; a tax credit of 51 cents for every gallon of coal-based fuel sold through 2020; automatic subsidies if oil prices drop below $40 a barrel; and permission for the Air Force to sign 25-year contracts for almost a billion gallons a year of coal-based jet fuel.
Coal companies have spent millions of dollars lobbying on the issue, and have marshaled allies in organized labor, the Air Force and fuel-burning industries like the airlines.

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