Shadow Boxing with Islamic Fundamentalists

If you’re a serious hedonist and wanted to get your freak on with a bevy of international prostitutes or wanted to get high smoking all manner of dope or gamble with millions of dollars or wanted to engage in any manner of illicit activity in opulent surroundings, you could go to many places.  Maybe you simply want to exploit immigrant child laborers or their parents.  Perhaps you’re a pedophile.  Maybe you like ’em “barely legal.”  Maybe you like ’em “really illegal.”  You could go to New York or Miami or Los Angeles or Las Vegas.  You could go to Paris or London or Barcelona.  You could even go to Tokyo or Sydney.

But you could also go to Iran or the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia or Syria or Egypt.  The word on “the street” from the US mainstream media is that these places are full of little more than Islamic fundamentalists hell bent on destroying Americans because of a lifestyle.  These fundamentalists dominate the country and are merely poor, undereducated misled men with wanton destruction on their mind.  Really.  What do we make of this?

Dubia, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Kish Island.



Something is missing here.


Does this look like Iran to you? It should, because it is.  It’s the same Iran that is alleged to pose a nuclear threat to the US.  The fact is that the only folks promoting this lie are the same bastards who promoted the Iraq WMD lie.  Gotta consider the source on these things.

Halliburton gets it.  They’ve moved corporate headquarters to Dubai.  Tax incentives, baby.  Bush gets it.  Tax breaks for the wealthy.  Hell, I get it.  Do you get it?  Are we really to believe that these Muslim/Arab nations are the mortal enemies of “the West” and “Christendom” when the wealthy among both societies seem to have equally insatiable appetites for T&A?  Or is it easier to believe that Bush is really a fundamentalist Christian (insert laugh track here) with a messianic mission to redeem all of Christendom from a jihadist horde?  The money on the table (investment speculation dollars) and the money in the ground (infrastructure development dollars) suggest that the religion angle is a load of sweltering hot bullshit to be consumed by those who can’t find their way around a spiritual text written about their own material world.

Saudi Arabia – the house of Saud hosts the US military and subsidizes glittering sand castles all over the so-called Middle East.  It’s a great time to be rich – and not such a great time to be a fundamentalist of any faith.  Car bombs in exploding Yugos and Kias are for the religious faithful.  Tourists and contractors and Westerners will certainly remain targets, but the fundamentalists greatest challenge will be to rid their nations of partying profiteers with close ties to the West.  Pimped out limos with blonde, African, Indonesian, and Japanese hootchies and full bars en route to casinos are for the rulers.  The game is on.  Vice is big business whether the sun sets to your left or right.

Pray if you must, think if you will.

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